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One Bad Day


Today was chest and bi's day. I was warming up bench and started at 175x10 225x10 and went to 315. I asked my buddy for a spot and said I was going to try 8-10 reps. I got to 5 and was going strong when I hit the bar on the bar rack, my wrists turned down and the entire bar fell on my chest from full arm length. I thought I was going to die, we got the weight off and as soon as I stood up I fell to the ground, couldn't breath. I started to black out and get really sick to my stomach. A rescue unit was called to the gym and luckly I had no broken bones but sore as shit. This was the first time I ever had this happen or for that fact ever seen it happen in my 10 years in the gym. I was very lucky! When I got to the hospital the dr. asked how much weight I had on the bar, when I told him the story he just laughed and said good thing you weren't going heavy. Has anyone else had horrifying gym stories?


If I was there, I would have pointed at you and said, "Ha Ha!!!". What kind of dillweed makes 90lb. jumps when warming up?


good thing you wern't going heavy? shit that doctor needs to get the T-Doc of the year award.

"yeah doc, 315 fell straight on me, with the fall only being broken by my chest"

Doc: "eh, atleast you were still warming up right?"


wow, so no serious damage done? You are very lucky it didn't fall on your face or neck. I pressed 430 (in a bench shirt) once and it popped forward ...the spotters caught it a couple of inches over my face and neck... I really was so happy to be alive I didnt care I missed the lift. I did come back and lock it out on a second attempt though. Anyway thanks for the story, after hearing that shit I'm never benching more than 225 again.