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One-Armed Smth Bench Press


Before I continue to laugh (in my mind granted) at a recent gym site, I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing out on some awesome exercise. I saw a guy using a smith machine to do one-armed bench presses. Is there something I'm missing or is it really as odd as I initially thought?


it would have been more awesome if he was doing it while also standing on one of those big balls.


with a bodyblade.....IN HIS MOUTH!


Nah, lying on the ball, with his legs up and his ankles crossed.


..while receiving a barium enema.


I've only done it with a db and I found it to be a pretty good abdominal excercise. You really need to tighten the abs or you're liable to fall right off the bench. There's my 0.02


ive done one arm JM presses on a smith before. its not terrible but not something id aim to progress on.


Not gonna lie, i do this occasionally, where I lower the bar to my upper chest, with my hand positioned directly in front of my front delt, it is a killer movement. I do it as my second pressing move for shoulders/chest every once in a while, you should try it out. I have never seen anyone else do it though... : (


edit: i do these on an incline bench, not flat