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One-armed Eccentric Chins

I tried these today and… HOLY DINK!!! They killed me, and I couldn’t keep myself from slanting off to the side while coming down, so I kept my fingers on the other side of the chin bar for balance. But all the people in my gym looked at me like I was on crack… So I must have been doing it right.

This is one exercise that is staying in the rotation.

Try wrapping a towel around the bar and hang on to the bottom of it with your free hand for stability.

My friend screwed up the tendon in his forearm doing these. He wasn’t strong enough to lower himself in a controlled fashion, thus the injury. If you’re in the same boat, you could work-up to one-arm eccentrics with weighted 2-arm slow eccentrics, or even assisted one-arm eccentrics.

I can’t begin to tell you how many people I have seen injure themselves doing these. Use with caution and use very infrequently.

Hey thanks for the towel suggestion snippdawg.

And I already do the weighted chins anyways, it was just that when I let go of the bar my weight has to adjust to the different angle… thusly skewing me off to the side… or maybe I am just too weak in my forearms. I’ll be careful either way though… thanks again for the warning guys.