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One-armed Deadlifts

I thought about this the other day and I couldn’t really recall any other people doing these. I was wondering what you guys would think of doing something like this?

One benefit would probably be the fact that you have to have good grip strength to be able to lift any serious weight and that it would increase your grip strength.

A downside that I thought of is that it may cause some back problems for people (sorta like how using switch-grip for DLs causes people back problems), but then I thought about Coach Davies’ One-armed Barbell Snatches and I haven’t heard any reports of back problems from people doing that.

So any input would be much appreciated.

suitcase deadlifts, first one down

Just match the work on each side. Same thing w/ one-arm snatches. Whats the problem?

They beat the shit out of your abs/obliques too… probably one of better exercises – IMO.

These (aka) suitcase deadlifts are actually done by quite a few people. I don’t really know what your asking, but Davies has some articles with them (look at renegade BB), and they really destroy your obliques. You don’t have to worry about back issues anymore than regular deadlifts though I don’t think. Never hurt my back any…

Most people, when referring to one-arm deadlifts, are really talking about “suitcase deadlifts.” In other words you approach the lift as if you were picking up a suitcase, i.e., from the side.

Try it. It’ll accomplish your goal (increasing grip strength, working the obliques and core in general, along with, or course, traps, legs, spinal erectors, etc.) more efficiently than approaching the bar from the front.

does any one do then like a one arm snatch tho? i think i might give them a go in warm up tomoro…
i kinda don like one arm shit cause of the extra time you have put into the session, laziness at it best

I do these every week as part of my Renegade Powerlifting program. Great exercise. Gives your core, hams and lower back a nice workout, along with the grip!

Unless you:

  1. have bad posture to begin with;
  2. Use bad form
  3. Have an injury history to the back
  4. Try to impress the chicks by using ridiculously heavy weights
    5)Have a weak core more befitting of a little kitty than of a T-Man…

Then you should have no back injuries. Again, as is the case of Squats, 2-leg Deadlifts, and any other exercise - form is paramount, load is paramount, and wisdom to know how to use them for results is paramount. Yes, you can injure yourself with the aforementioned movements, but to do so, you have to ignore form, overload the bar, overdo them, or do them when you’re fully aware your core couldnt stabilize against a 5 mph wind if your life depended on it.