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one-armed deadlifts

Hey Tmen and women,
Could anybody give me any tips on doing one armed,or suitcase deadlifts?
When i use my5’6 bar, the back end of the bar always dips down when i lift it up.(and i always have my hand in the center of the bar,with equal weight distribution).
could i use dumbells, or am i better off with a bar?

stay with the bar if you want to achieve muscular coordination and balance. my tip would be just the same as any movement that requires great focus, CONCENTRATE. this complex movement requires great stability and focus if its going to be performed smoothly and correctly.

You could just load up one end of the bar and lift it from that end. Won’t translate directly to weight lifted, but you will be able to measure progress.

You could use dumbbells, but I prefer the bar.

Split the bar with the middle of your arm, not your hand. If you grab it in the middle by comparison of your hand, it’ll always fall towards the pinky. Good luck.

You could use dumbells but you would not see all the benefit. If the bar is dipping in the back, slide your hand slightly towards the back of the bar to maintain balance. Also, lower the weight and get used to the motion. Doing this lift will target core stability, the obliques and also the forearms and grip strength.

squeeze hard. tension.

Move your hand back on the bar. Whatever you do, don’t change the movement.