One-Armed Chin Ups are Actually Impressive?

Just like abs on a skinny guy or big tits on a fat girl - being able to do a one-arm chip up is never impressive unless you are packing some serious muscle mass.

There are loads of skinny climbers that weigh roughly 85kg at 5ft 9in that can do it for multiple reps (I am like these guys except even worse since I can only do one rep) - but no-one would want to look like them.

So, the question is: how heavy do you have to be before that feat is considered impressive? As a rough ball-park, I’m guessing you need to weigh at least 100kg at a height of 5ft 9in before any feat of bodyweight strength deserves any credit?

5’ 9" and 85k can be pretty damn impressive depending on leanness.

This thread is silly.


That’s about where I am these days. Never realized I was so goddamn skinny, haha.

These were some shots the Mrs took of me on the beach a while back

A 5’9 100kg natural trainee would be quite a site. Matt Kroc was 240ish toward the peak of his powerlifting, and was down to just above 200 on stage.

And don’t get me wrong; that sounds pretty awesome too, but f**k me if it’s happening.


5ft 9in and 85kg is pretty exactly my stats and most of the guys in my gym consider me a skinny little bitch.

95kg (and lean) seems to be a normal weight at that height and the guy I respect most in the gym is easily 100kg and no more than 5ft 10in (and I know he isn’t on juice). I don’t think he can do a one-arm chin up, but I guess the point is - you need to be as big as him for it to be considered impressive. No-one cares if a little 85kg runt can do it because it’s easy to do if you weigh nothing!

Is anyone here a 100kg+ guy who can do one-arm chins?

I believe your concepts of lean or normal are out of alignment.


By lean I mean ‘you can see a 6 pack’. I don’t mean like absolutely anatomically dry shredded vascularity (the sort of which can only really be achieved with diuretics).

And yes, 100kg+ @ 5ft 9in clearly takes some work to achieve. But 90kg, lean and 5ft 9in seems to be more standard than exceptional these days. At least in my gym.

You just changed your quote by 5kg on this one dude.

I think you might just need to take a look inside and sort out your thoughts on this topic and try it again sometime.

No I didn’t. The guy who I look up to is at least 100kg. Nowadays he may be closer to 110kg (i don’t ask him his weight routinely) because he just keeps getting bigger. He is a monster.

But normal is within the 90-95kg range for guys of my height. At 85kg, you are considered pretty skinny.

Not knocking you, perhaps your gym is different to mine. All I know is those are my stats, and they’re mocked in my gym (in an encouraging way, not a harsh way).

Everyone around the 5ft 9in range should be aiming to get up to a lean 100kg anyway. Not everyone will make it, but you gotta set goals. You know you’re a real man when you break through the 100kg barrier, lol.

There is an easy way to know your ideal bodyweight (as a bodybuilder): it is when your BMI reads ‘morbidly obese’ but you actually have a 6-pack.

This is what I’m saying. First you said 95kg was normal, then you said it was 90kg. There is a massive difference between those two numbers, and to consider either one “normal” if we’re talking lean is pretty silly. Most of the population is obese or overweight.

My gym is different than yours since it’s in my garage, but I am fairly certain we live on the same planet.

Can you name 4 natural bodybuilders that have achieved this?

@T3hPwnisher, look, I’m not personally attacking your physique.

All I’m saying is that I have roughly the same physique as you, and people at my gym mock it for being skinny. And not even mocking in a nasty way, just a ‘you need to eat more, bro’ way. But then, most of my weight is in my quads, so if people overlook that then I guess it could look like I ‘don’t even lift’.

I do not follow the natty bodybuilder scene. All I know is I have seen a guy on campus who is definitely been clocked in at 100kg+ at 5ft 9in. These days he may be pushing 110kg. And I am 99% sure he is natural. Genetically blessed, but natural. And all I know is: I want THOSE stats.

I am not saying you are attacking my physique; I am saying your perception of reality is warped.

To give away the answer, there are zero natural bodybuilders that have achieved what you perceive to be the “ideal weight” for a bodybuilder.

It’s great you want to achieve great things. I want to deadlift 800lbs at sub 200 bodyweight. That’s crazy too, but I know it’s crazy.

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Well, my goal is 100kg at 5ft 9in and lean enough for 6 pack.

I have seen the guy who has achieved it, which means it is at least possible.

Impressive is such a relative term.Who do you wanna impress?

-Your non lifting buds?Do just 1 1 arm pull up and they’ll praise you for eternity

-Some random lifters?They might have seen it again,but still,they’ll either look,well,impressed at you or try to downtalk it telling that you are light,they had a friend that could to 10 0 hand pull ups ect

-Some serious lifters?Yeah,1 rep won’t cut it

-The internet?You can do 10 1 arm pull ups with a 45 plate and someone will comment ‘‘meh’’ or ‘‘go higher fgt’’

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This isn’t going to end well…


Haha, before you call me a faggot, I meant 100kg at 5ft 9in. I know the 6ft 4in lifters here are thinking “100kg, I haven’t weighed that little since I was 11 years old”

I find it ridiculously hard to believe that you are for real. Like your perception of reality is just… mind blown

Looked through some of your other posts and at least it seems you’re not a troll.

Here is a picture for your reference.

they’re (from left to right) 172cm/77kgs, 172cm/85kgs and 168cm/69kgs


Oh and while you’re at it, why not just post a picture of yourself so at least we know what you look like.


this guy is 6’ and weighs 90kg.

How many posters on here have to tell you your perception is warped before you believe it?


How old are you? I don’t mean to be condescending, but you sound like a young man who is eager to prove himself and has some pretty extreme views of “normal.” That’s a recipe for disappointment whether it’s your physique, income, or professional achievements. Pushing yourself is great, but don’t lose sight of reality in the face of a bunch of trash talk at your gym. And, besides, you’re talking about pull-ups. I can’t think of the last time anyone won fame or money for such a thing. Just my middle aged and mellowed viewpoint, take it with a grain of salt and whatnot.


Just because this thread turned goofy

5’9, 110kg

While i actually agree with your overall point, due to cutting weight kroc is probably more like 120kg in this pic dont you think