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One Armed Cable Extension

i just tried this exercise. ive seen a few people do it but i always thought it was too isolated. i started weightlifting by only doing manly, minimal equipment workouts (bench press, dips). but i kept adding more bodybuilding exercises (pulldowns, pushdowns, shrugs). i avoided this exericse until now because it was so “bodybuilder-ish”.

i dropped close grip pushdowns because it wasnt hitting where i wanted to enough so i tried this exercise. you extend a cable across your body, like a cross-body curl played backwards. it hits that outside tricep head really nice. you have so much control with where to place the tension. when i hit a sticking point i can help the cable with my other hand, and tug back on it when i get a peak contraction.

plus this exercise is easy on the tendon

well, as long as you all are aware of it. i was kind of worried that some people think the only isolation exercise for triceps is the skullcrusher

Until a few months ago, the only tricep isolation exercise I knew was in fact the skullcrusher. And then I learned of kickbacks…

And then I came here.

So yeah, thanks for this. I’ll try them out someday.

A great example of anatomy providing info for exercise. The lateral head serves as an internal rotator, so by internally rotating as you extend, you put more tension on the muscle.

Watch some of Thibs videos, you’ll see him internally rotate at the end of his robe pulldowns.