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One Armed Barbell...


Tried it for the first time last night and really liked this movement! I could feel my stabilizers going nuts once I got the bar over my head. I was also able to concentrate on the hip thrust in a more controlled environment.

Good Stuff.

Anyone else incorporating this movement into their workouts?

I do these 3X weekly.

I’ve done it with the dumbbell and kettlebell. I love it!

I just began doing close-grip power snatches last night. It works the upper back and shoulders very well!

I’ve been doing it about once a week.

Got Stabilizers?

Holy cow! I can feel my forearms firing like mad trying to keep that damn bar balanced over my head.

You should see the looks on the faces of the people doing bench presses on the smith machine.

Yeah, Smith Machine bench presses must be pretty much the direct opposite of one arm barbell snatches.