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One Arm Stronger Than the Other


I'm actually writing this for my dad.

My dad is 52 years old, and had ripped his bicep (muscle, tendon, or ligament it attaches to, i'm not sure) many years ago. In the process of aging, he's lost a lot of strength. One of the things he's come to notice, is that one arm has become much stronger than the other.

To the point where one is curling 45's easy and the other is straining on 35's.

1) How should he go about training his arms? He's always stayed balanced in doing the same weight and reps in both arms, but, is it time to consider breaking that?

2) How can he strengthen the injured arm, at this age?


My ruptured tendon was three years ago, and the left arm is finally about the same as the right now, but I doubt it will ever be good as new. I've never trained the bad arm any different than the good arm. In fact I've tried to force the bad arm to keep up with the good.
At our age the ligaments and tendons aren't as elastic as they used to be, but why he's loosing strength now in that arm, I can't explain. I wouldn't do anything differently, and if it continues, I might consider asking a doctor why it's happening.


I had a stud horse dismantle my right elbow a few years back. Everthing healed well. When I go HEAVY, my right elbow always lags. When I am going to fail..that elbow is the weak link. I've also noticed that the muscle ( now that I am growing some ) is shaped somewhat differently.
1. check with dr.'s to make sure there aren't any physiological issues requiring attention; adhesions, scar tissue, nerve issues and such.

  1. strenthen the injured arm with age the same way you do with youth...but a little more slowly. I decided I liked having "matching" bi's and waited on the weak arm..it's been two years now but things are truly picking up.

52 isn't old..just broke in. Good luck and I'm sure you'll get alot of info. and input right here in this forum.