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One Arm Stonger than the Other


Hello everyone!

I have a question on how to fix the fact that my left arm is much weaker than my right arm in curling movements.

Example: Hammer curl on preacher bench
Right arm: 50lbs dumbbell x 6
Left arm: 35lbs dumbbell x 5

As you can see there a big difference strength wise. In other curling movements the difference isn't as much, it's only really a problem in hammer curls. In my left hand, the dumbbell always feels very heavy compared to how it feels in my right hand.

Anyone have any tips on how to fix this?


holy crap! thats a big difference.

do unilateral movements. maybe try adding in a bit more volume on the left side? hopefully someone has some better advice for ya. that seems pretty extreme.


Do unilateral movements and use equal amount of weight. So you'd use 35lb on both hands instead of 50lb pounds on right hand. You're strong hang wont get that much stimulation.


Having a slight difference is normal, I'm right handed and my right arm has always been a little bit stronger. Your difference is obviously a lot greater. If you want it to catch up, focus on unilateral arm exercises, as the posters above said. Use the same amount of weight with each arm, and start each set with your left arm. When you switch to your right arm, don't exceed what you did with your left. Shouldn't take that long for them to even out.



I do unilateral movements, my first exercise is unilateral hammer curl on the preacher bench. i always start with my left side.

wouldn't limiting the stimulation to my right arm be a bad thing as 35lbs for my right arm is a warm-up

*and also, i'm LEFT handed in daily activities


Someone once prescribed high sets of low reps for the weak side after the workout. I think it works okay.


C'mon man. Your right arm is stronger, and you want to fix the imbalance by continuing to lift heavier weights with your right arm. It's not "bad," but no, your right arm won't get stronger by limiting it to whatever your left arm is doing...that's the idea. I thought this would be obvious.


check your form to make sure your shoulders are even. I used to hunch my left shoulder a lot and as a result, it ended up being "stronger" in the sense that I could curl more with it, but it was due to a technical flaw rather than a muscular strength.


True this. Posture can make a pretty sizable difference.


Bascially do as many reps with X amount of weight that you can with the weaker arm and do not do more weight and reps with the stronger arm.


Come on guys, this one's easy...Alternate arms each night or try a two-handed death grip. You could swap between them to increase your arm size, you know, 'keep the body guessing' :wink:


Your imbalance in strength is pretty big but i understand how you feel. I feel similar. It's hard to feel like your not pushing yourself. It's kinda like wasting your time, because quite honestly 35x6 on an arm that can perform 50x6 is useless. However you have to try to correct this.

I'm gonna go against the advice given in this thread. I say drop to a weight where you are able to perform 10 reps with your dominant arm (maybe 40-45lbs).. Start with your dominant arm and perform 10 reps. Then use the same weight on the lagging arm.

Do as many reps as you can with the lagging arm then use your other hand to assist you in finishing 10 reps. You're essentially spotting yourself.

There was good advice given by the individuals in here but personally that route wouldn't work for me because i feel the same way you do as expressed in your statement i quoted... I suggest you try them both for a month each and see how things work best for you, but thats just another approach.

Just curious, is there also a major difference in size?... because it could be other things in play here.


This also works


IM JUST GONNA CHIME IN TOO. i would personally do a complete workout for your arms on their own day. i would do 2 uni-lateral movements(one arm) and a 3rd with a compound like barbell curls/close grip bench presses.
after all is said and done properly do fst-7 for 8-10 reps per set on the week arm for a few weeks-say 4-6 and
only on that arm that is weaker

db curls
db hammer curls
straight bar curls
fst-7 sets x 8-10 reps - with weak arm only "preacher db curls)

one arm reverse grip cable pressdowns
overhead uni-lateral db extensions
close grip bench presses
fst-7 sets x 8-10 reps - with weak arm only decline bench db french press


Patience this type of shit takes many years to fix as I know first hand use dumbbells with good form drop some weight if you have to.One thing that I think helps do some concentration curls with your left hand hopefully this will speed the process time.


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Deadsion has the right answers. Pay attention to your form. The surprise is that the weaker arm is probably keeping the best form. It is the one that you think is stronger that is doing the shoulder roll or elbow back movement that makes the curl easier. Dont preload the curl...Stay at the 35s or less and push to failure...watch form like a hawk, initiate the movement as subtly as possible...access and apply.