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One-Arm Squatting. Should I do a meet or two?


My last videos with me testing my 1RM.




Wow thats awesome. Do ittttttttttt


hell fucking yes


Go for it man... this man did and kicked ass.


Amazing! Definitely do it! How's the bench and deadlift? You have good power on your squat so I am sure the grip is the limiting factor on the deadlift? Anyways, definitely do it. IPF classic lifting would probably work well for you because of no knee wraps, just a belt. Good luck with your lifting!


Great looking squat. Let us know how your bench and deadlift are coming along too! You'll need an iron grip for those. Would be awesome to hear about you doing a meet.


Thank you. I'm not going to do any this year but, I plan do do several that are local to me (within a state away).

haha Ok, I will for sure.

I watched that video before. Very impressive for sure. I'll get to the level ASAP. Won't give up and when I get there, I'll keep going.


I watched that video before. Very impressive for sure. I'll get to the level ASAP. Won't give up and when I get there, I'll keep going.


Bench sucks right now, I think my 1RM might be 100lbs+- with a dumbbell. I haven't really tested it with the bar. Deadlift, I'm up to 245lbs but, with a strap. I have dome 225lbs without, so it's definitely the limiting factor. I have knee wraps too. I'm just wanting to get my strength up "naturally" before I go with the knee wraps.

I appreciate it. Read above, they aren't that impressive but, I'm working on it.

As I stated earlier, I won't be doing any this year but, next year I plan to do several. I'll be losing weight and hopefully getting stronger than what I am now.

Thank you all again.


700lb squat after powerlifting for a year? Jesus Christ.


This kid lifts at my gym:

He is fortunate enough to have a prosthesis, so he has an easier time of it than you will, but I find him inspiring.

Good luck.


I guess you could say he prefers hook grip for the deadlift eh?

Seriously impressive shit tho


He's also using a squat suit, knee wraps, and etc...


Hell yeah. I love seeing others lifting. He inspires me still. I only have about 3-4" of "arm" from my shoulder. So trying to use a prosthetic wouldn't help me.


Look at local meet results from other competitors. A 700lb squat might seem common from the outside if you don't compete in multiple ply lifting, but many 198/220/242lb lifters struggle to get there. While 700lbs is far from competitive, the kid attained a level of strength in 1 year with 1 arm than many will ever achieve -- gear or not.


Regardless of the fact he's squatting above parallel in a suit, 700 after 1 year seems like good progress.


I;m not knocking him ny any means, I wish I could that. I'm stating that I just want to do it "raw" and I imagine if I suited up, I could get my squats about that high.

Again, I'm really impressed with the lifts and the accomplishments made.


LOL I'm going to ask him that next time I see him.


I'd put money on it. :slight_smile:


So, I haven’t updated in 4 years or so. I since then competed in 3 powerlifting meets. My last one was Dec. 2014.

Dec 2014 Meet - 1019 total

534 pound squat
142 pound bench press
341 pound deadlift