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One Arm Snatch


anybody play around with these?

how much can you do compared to your two arm snatch?

(yes powersnatches count)


I'm fairly sure I've done at least 45kg PS one arm. I wouldn't sit down...much easier to just power it up there then squat with one arm :stuck_out_tongue:



I powersnatched 40 kg a while back with one arm. I think I tried 60 kg once, but I don't remember getting it.


Thought you meant these:



haha love it!



heh heh.

i can do 15kg with one arm - easy. bit harder with my left arm, but easy with my right. was a little surprised (max snatch 33.5kg) but i guess you use both hips so it isn't so surprising. i didn't think sitting down with it would be possible - but then saw the russian vid. hmm... i reckon these are pretty cool... wonder why there aren't competitions for this kind of shit anymore. or perhaps there are...


They still are in the U.S. I think the org is called the US All-Rround Weightlifting Association (USAWA).


Usually I like it to be quiet before I lock into a rep, but clearly I've been missing out on the training effect of P.T. Barnum hyping me up to the crowd in Russian before I lift


This is the only time I ever do them.


and how much fun was that?!