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one arm smaller



Just wanted some advice: I am right handed. My left arm is smaller and a little weaker than my right. My right leg is smaller, but about the same strength as my left leg.

What is the best way to correct this, as my current workout programme seems to be making this problem worse.


work out your left arm first before your right. Never do more reps with your right than left. Ian King has some good info in this


Use single arm movements on everything until you resolve the balance. Use the weak arm first and only do as much weight/reps with the strong arm as you can the weak. If that doesn't help you might need to see a chiropractor about the possibility of nerve impingement. Have you ever injured that arm or your neck/back and do you ever feel numbness or tingling in your hand?


Thanks for the info.

I've been doing some stuff in the past. Maybe it has helped, but I'm still somewhat asymmetrical:

Here's what I've tried:

  • The "weak arm first" method.

  • Additional sets/reps targeting the weak arm.
  • Slightly heavier weight on the weak side

  • Additional co-ordination drills for the weak side... I can now play squash ambidexterously, for all the good it has done me...

  • Karate / T'ai Chi drills more focused on the left side

I don't think there's a neurological problem since I was left handed as a child, and then "became" right handed when I was about 6, and my bitch-whore of a first-grade teacher kept smacking me and putting the crayon in my right hand. BTW, she also said I was retarded and sent me to the "special class", but I now qualify for MENSA... hahaha.

Maybe I should soak my weak arm in a vat of synthol overnight?



I have a similar whacked out problem. My right big is considerably bigger than my left. Yet get this my left arm is stronger. Have asked how to fix it and not gotten a straight up response. Just the same old spank your monkey with your left hand kind of mumbo jumbo. I have sort of given up and accepted it...I am right handed.


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man, I'm all screwed up. one pec is larger, one trap, one lat...my arms are pretty close, w/in 1/4"...everything else is insanely symmetrical...just those 3 damn bodyparts grrrr


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Give some thought to ART or similar methods. You may have some sort of adhesion or something preventing growth.

Just my thoughts.


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This may sound silly, but give it some thought:

If you are right handed, you are likely favoring your right arm when you handle plates.

Pay attention to which hand you use to pull plates off the rack and bar. Odds are you use your right arm most of the time. Your right arm then gets a better workout than the left in any given training session.

If this is the case, try and force yourself to use the left arm for all plate handling for a couple of months and see if that helps.

Look for a similar situation with the legs. Are you always starting off on the stairs with one leg? Favoring that leg getting up and down? That kind of crap.


Works better if you lie on it first so it goes numb.