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One Arm Row Variation


Just as it sounds.
Looking for variations of the one arm row if anyone knows anything that is a bit more challenging. Thanx


one arm chins


take a heavier dumbell


One arm T-bar rows.

  1. One-Arm Row, Elbow Out

  2. One-Arm Motorcycle Row


  1. One-Arm Barbell Row


I've been a fan of the one arm DB chest supported row on an incline bench lately.

That is provided your local dumbbell rack goes high enough.


Row one of these: http://www.animaldanger.com/images/crocodile.jpg



Try one-arm rowing a 300lb custom DB for 12 reps or whatever Kroc is doing now.


Try these.




I have tried a few things since I maxed out the dumbells at my gym.

The first idea can be a pain in the ass, but I rigged the dumbells with ratchet straps and duct tape to be able to hold some more weight. It took some time to set up, and it was ugly, but it got the job done.

The second is a 1 arm t-bar rows similar to that other video, but using a bench to support your other hand.


My new fave is this- take a bar, wedge one end in the corner of the room or rack/monolift base, put plates on the other end, grab the bar sleeve, and row it. Chalk your hands, fingers, thumb heavily. Don't use straps. The fat, smooth handle makes for a challenging grip exercise- similar to a rolling thunder rig.

At the same time, the grip issue is not so mcuh that you can't get in some good heavy upper back work.

My observation on these is that most guys can yank two plates all day, but at 3 plates, it gets tough. You find yourself having to reset your grip a every couple reps and sometimes the bar just pops out of your hand. The most I've gotten is 3 1/2 plates for 5 and a 4 plates for a humbling double.


Use a BB instead of a dumbbell; preloaded smaller BBs other than a dumbbell, set up a one arm cable row standing with your back at an agle & do them one-handed (Christian Thibaudeau has a slew of articles on back training as does Poliquin in the T-Nation archives...)

You're only limited by your imagination & what you rig up in the gym safely. Keep Googling the web for some ideas... sandbag rows, KB rows, etc. Lots of artciles on back training here especially in the "Exercises You've Never Tried" series (think it's up to vol. 18 right now...

Good luck.


Renegade rows


Interesting. I attempted to rig plates to the heaviest dumbells using jumpstretch bands but it just didn't work.


I've been using a tricep bar since my gym dbs only go up to 100. I like the one arm t-bar row though.


Yea the ratchet straps worl well because they don't stretch, but even still you need to duct tape or else it will slip. It's kind of a pain, but if there are no other options it's something to do.