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One arm pushups

Hey guys, I want to learn how to do a one arm push up but am really struggling. Sometimes it feels like its my balance and sometimes it feels like im just not strong enough.

One way to learn them is to spread your legs as far as is necessary to allow you to perform the rep. The wider base will help to compensate for your lack of balance.

As motor learning takes place with continued practice, you should be able to gradually narrow the spread in your legs; eventually you will be able to do them on one leg.

Hope this helps.

One great way to learn to do one-arm push-ups is the start with you upper body elevated. Stairs work great for this. Start at a step that lets you do 4 sets of six to ten reps. When you can do four sets of ten, then move to the next lower step. Soon you will be knock out reps on the floor. Best of Luck.

I learned my one armed’s by having someone stand straddling me with a towel under my mid-section. They can help you lower and assist you as you pull yourself back up.
Spreading your feet wide also helps with distributing the weight. also, if you put your non working hand out past shoulder height and turn it slightly inward seems to allow you to use more chest muscle and less strain on the shoulder.