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one arm pull up/one arm push up

hi my name is john and i want to tell me someone how can i perforf one arm pull up/one arm push up . tell me web sites or videos or another information please help me or write in testosterone article with the right training for them

Hi John,
One arm push-up aren’t too hard. Start this way. Go into the kitchen and place your hand on the counter. Now angle your body back with your feet more than shoulder width apart. Try a few reps until you can get the hang of it. As you get better find a set of steps and work your way down.
As for the pulls-up they have been covered in detail in a couple of threat so type pull-up in the search box and hit return. Best of Luck.

Hmmmm… maybe try…



Do a chin up with bodyweight added on. ie if you weigh 200lbs, do a chinup with an extra 200lbs. David Willoughby said all you need is 2/3 of bwt, but I don’t think that’s enough.

Older Lifter gave good examples of how to train up for one armed pushups. I didn’t do it that way, but it should help because personally I found that the hardest part about one armed pushups was the coordination and my body stabilizers. Older Lifters recomendations will help eith your stabilizers and coordination, but I would suggest that you start doing elevated closehand pushups to build up your necessary strength. If you can do 10 elevated close hand pushups you should be able to do at least one regular one armed pushup. One armed pullups are definitely all about grip for me. My grip gives out way before my arm and back do. If you can do 10 regular pullups you can do at least one with one arm, just work on your grip. Search around this site for more info.

I agree, 'cause I weigh around 170-175 and have done a chin with a 95lb DB, and I’m nowhere close to a one-armed chin.

Ive done a one arm chin and i would say that you need to be able to do a normal chin without about 90%-95% but yeah you need to be close to bodyweight.

guys thanks very much i ll try to perform it

That kinda makes sense (half as many arms, so it’s effectively twice as much weight). Damn. I thought getting up to +50% bw was ‘good’! Ah well, looks like one of those ‘will never happen’ things …

Here’s a weird one, that’s similiar. My one-hand dumbell snatch is quite a bit more than 1/2 my two-hand barbell snatch. I guess that’s because my “explosion” is my weak link instead of my arms being the weak link.

Thats exactly right. Most of the power from a snatch (two or one handed) comes from the extensors of the hip and knee so it would make sence that a one handed snatch be more than half a two handed snatch as long as you are good at catch the weight with the one hand.