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One arm press in eight keys westside program

Can someone tell me how to do the one arm press on ME bench day? I haven’t been able to find out what it is or how to perform it.


From what I gather its a one armed dumbell bench press, with your hands semi supinated. You do one arm for the reps specified and then hit up the other, its easier if you keep the other weight in your hand as well othewise you are lopsided and might fall off the bench

I thought this was a standing one-arm press, for the shoulders? Meaning, you stand with a DB in one hand at shoulder height, and then, press it overhead.

I think it’s a one arm shoulder press, not a bench press

I asked a bunch of westside people this question about 3 weeks ago. Do a search, and you will see they said bench. I think westside stays away from overhead pressing to any extent because of the shoulder trauma with benching and squatting. If you notice in week 4 the one arm press is replaced by incline bench so I think its just a flat one arm bench press.

bilt is right.

no. one arm press is a one arm overhead shoulder press. while WSB rarely does overhead work, it’s still done.


In the articles section on elitefts.com there is an article called Training Program for the High School Field Athlete.

In that article the exercise descriptions at the bottom make it very clear that it is a semi suppinated standing shoulder press.


Nice. Well where were you guys 2 weeks ago when I asked that Question???
At least I know now, sorry for the wrong info.

Thanks people, I’ll know for next ME bench day :slight_smile: