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one-arm lifts

I have started to do a few one-arm lifts to strenghten my torso (abs+obliques). With the one-arm barbell deadlift you stand with the weight beside you. With the one arm barbell snatch you stand with the weight in front of you, according to Coach Davis. I was going well with one-arm lifts until I tried a one-arm barbell clean with my right hand catching it on my right shoulder with the weight in front of me. I almost was decapitated! The barbell crashed into my throat and jaw. With the one-arm barbell clean and snatch is the barbell meant to be beside you or in front of you and is the barbell meant to twist in the air like a Arnold press. Does anyone know how the one-arm lifts were preformed in the Olympics until they were dropped in the 1930’s.

RS…It sounds as if you’ve had great results with this. What kind of doasge have you been using? How much lean mass have you put on and over what period of time? Any side effects? Any other information you could pass along? Thanks.

Stand at the bar as though you are going to clean it with 2 hands but instead hold it with one hand in supinated fashion (like a curl).

Put the other hand on your knee. Clean the weight but as it comes to you shoulder dip and turn to one side by 90 degrees.

In otherwords initially you face the bar but as you catch it on the shoulder you are now looking at the face of one end of the plates.

Thus if you clean the bar with the left hand you will turn 90 degrees to the right to catch the bar. You then jerk it to lockout with the bar in this position. So you turn but the bar doesn’t.

Note that it is different to a snatch where you don’t turn and where you hold the bar in the normal pronated position as on a normal clean.

Hope this makes sense.

I would just avoid the one arm barbell clean. You get much and more of the same benefit by doing one arm barbell snatches without nearly as much risk of decapitation. If you want to do unilateral cleans, use dumbells or kettlebells.