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One-Arm Floor Press w/ Rotation


Does anyone of you do this exercise?

It allows for full rom in the scapula, conditioning the serratus anterior and supoposedly builds tremendous punching power.

Only concern I have is whether a lot of the body weight is resting on the back of the head and in how far this could potentially be dangerous in the long run.

  1. no
  2. no


If your form is good it probly builds good neck muscle and maybe works the core alright.

Id say stick with one armed press with your back on a swiss ball. (aka situp ball).

I like how he raises his shoulder of the floor though. It seems like a good work out for your core.

Might be a little to much effort for to little gains.

These are just my initial reactions.


off* the floor.

Best part of the workout if there was one


cause ya know obscure variations and kettle bells always make it more applicable to fighting

fucking fuck. stick to the basics or rist looking like one of the assholes at my gym bouncing around between sets throwing shitty punches at the mirror and shaking their hands like micheal j fox while getting TTTOOOTTTAAALLLYY ripped doing "functional" exercisesand 20 curl variations per workout.

your punching power isnt gonna come from chest and tricep work. it makes it so much harder to defend the merits of strength training for fighting with every tribal tatted asshole jumping on a new gimmick with no base of power. also if your gonna use a swiss ball do us all a favour and squat on it so you roll your ankle and stop taking up space in the gym for a few weeks.


1) I used to do power clean on a swiss ball for my power lifting training.
2) I prefer my brand to the stupid tribal shit
3) always wondered if I was pissing off the guys using all the fucking 45s. lol
4) Guess it doesnt matter when your getting results.. Go big or Go home... true for any lifter!


there is literally no reason to power clean on a swiss ball for powerlifting


my mistake i forgot its one of the big three right next to hip aductions and tricep kickbacks

i prefer the mantra of train smart or not at all ,to "go big or go home"


I feel yeah, I was taught growing up to work on your stabilizer muscles as one way to trick your muscles into getting stronger. but how bout "to each his own" on this one.

But Ive just been trained by some califonia core, and yoga nuts all about their stabilizers. haha

Im feeling you on the hogan avatar... so at least we can agree on that. haha


I've seen you mention "tricks" to get stronger more than once now. Why do you feel you need to "trick" your body into doing anything? And which muscles are the "stabilizers"? Do your pecs, abdominals, quads, glutes, hams, and back muscles not stabilize your body?


for the record its macho man randy savage


I didn't want to be the one to point out that essential FAIL.


it makes for awesome video's though.


There's no way you're for real. First of all I don't see how you could possibly power clean on a swiss ball. And the whole mistaking macho man for hulk hogan thing??? WTF.

Speaking of which, I HAVE to post this.


1) Epic Fail Indeed. haha
2) "trick might not be the right word, but it is definitely important to use lifts that are not the core isolation lifts (bench, squat, dead lift, or isolation's of triceps, biceps, ect.) This most basic example of working stabilizers is the dumbell bench press or the front squat. Needless to say there is more work being done by the "stabilizing" muscles in your pecs during DB press. Same goes for Front squat. If this was NOT true then we would all push the same weight on bench as DB bench and there would be no difference right?
3) Balance!! This is one of the most desired qualities of all competitive athletes. We can walk because of our ability to balance. Football players running full speed need balance to keep their huge muscles off the ground if they are. Stabilizers do these sorts of things. Think of it as your pecs are the leaders but the stabilizers are the ones they lead. A strong leader is nothing without his subordinates.
4) As a true athlete you will see the benefits of working these muscles. as well as I have done programs like this to help increase my max lift in the times when it was stuck at a weight.

In my past I have done this and seen huge benefits in my competitions. As a power lifter being trained by a pro Power lifter we experimented with things like this. This is just my experience.

"To each his own"

  • For the Record no one does only pecs, abdominals, quads, glutes, hams, and back exercises. There are around 700 muscles in the human body, It would be foolish to think that you only need to work a handful of them. *


thats not how muscles work there are not "stabilizing muscles" within the pectoral thats like believing in inner chest


I never said I worked only these muscles. I'm just saying I don't see a correlation with doing things like cleans on a ball or whatever else with making someone stronger. ESPECIALLY, in powerlifting. I do agree on using unstable weights for training, DB's or chains, etc.....
Balance IS key and I exercise balance in all of MY training as well as the individuals who pay me to get them stronger. Which I have done, countless times. I think you're just misinterpreting what I'm saying. I understand the inverse relationship our muscles have when doing heavy, multi-joint exercises. They are all FULL-BODY in one sense or another. I just think MY time is better invested in doing these exercises most of the time and using smaller or less intense methods to address weak points like triceps for lockout or the sort....


dont feed the troll guys.


I feel you, I agree its not something id do all the time. It really does depend on goals. College football players for example do perform swiss ball DB Bench press about once a month during the off season to work "more" muscle groups. Doing this with 120lbs in each hand helped my overall bench press when I was at the JC level. (bowl champs 07/woot).

But overall I agree that Switching up routine and attempting to hit your core muscle groups from a different angle is a good way to work on weaknesses, which is a good way to gain strength when you hit a Plataea on one of your core lifts.

this article is a great explination of how Sport specific training can benefit from working with stabilizer muscles. The Truth About the Bench Press- http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/the_truth_about_the_bench_press_1
Courtesy of T-Nation articles.

Also this sort of training is something that goes well with double days and athletes whoo really do have the time to develop such core stability. It is not something I would do with someone who wasnt already on a great 4-5 day weight training program.


Really... thanks for your input but isnt your avatar a troll?