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One Arm Dumbell Presses


How many of you do these? How much are you up to? I just recently have started doing them and love them, but don't think I'm going up as fast as I'd like. Any tips? My left arm is definitely weaker than my right. Would love to get to the"circus type" dumbbells.


post video(s)


Do 'em, Love 'em, Hate 'em.

The form changes with a circus dumbbell due to the size.

My left is weaker than my right so I do left first and then just match the reps on the right. I'm using them as an assistance exercise doing 5x10 with them and they tear up my core as much as my shoulders.


I usually do them on squat days as thats the only day I go to the gym. The other days I workout at home and don't have dumbbells big enough.

Wondering what weight people are putting up?


I'll have to get some video on my phone next time.


I alternate between those and standing OHP with a BB weekly... but my gyms dbs are only 45 Kg and I usually do 5 sets of 3 - 5


7 reps an arm with the 40kg is the most I've done




That's awesome. I haven't gotten anywhere near this yet. My best so far is two reps with the 110 lb dumbbell.


We used a 242 dumbbell this year at the Arnold, I think last year it was 227. It will probably go up a few pounds next year!


That's where I want to be. I know I'll get there but it will take time. That is awesome.


For amateur shows I'd expect a lightweight circus DB to be 130-150 and a HW to be 150-180 as either part of a medley or for reps.

I do strict single arm db OHP 5x10 with about 55# right now... max would be 160-180ish with a push and such.


Wow...guess I got some work to do.


Have you thought about using/adding fat gripz- there was a T-Nation article with WSM competitor who utilizes them and said they have helped tremendously.


Hmmm...actually I hadn't thought about it. Are you saying using those as a tool to get used to the thicker handles of the circus dumbbells or helping increase the poundage?




Andy Deck: My training philosophy focuses on strengthening weaknesses. This has been my focus for about a year and a half now and I've made better gains training this way than any other way before.

I also try to make exercises more difficult without increasing the weight, like using Fat Gripz, chain yoke versus regular yoke, fat handle farmer's walks, shouldering atlas stones instead of just loading them, etc.


Thanks. I'll check it out.


Just got back to them. I enjoy them a lot. 105Lb db is my best


Just adding my 2 scents I use DB clean and press (just single arm on the clean and the press) for conditioning on squat days, 3x10x125 they are killer but I always feel great after , I alternate right/left/right/left etc. I feel it in the core. They are a good indicator of your overall condition.