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One arm dumbell flys

I need help. I make my own dumbbells for one arm dumbbell fly’s out of Olympic dumbbell handles with eight 25s and 2.5 pound callers, making a 215 pound dummy. The bad thing is that I can do this for 5 sets of 12 reps for both sides. I don’t want to bump up to 35s for ROM purposes. What should do? Go to the 35s or change exercises.

You do flys with 215lbs? You must be the strongest lifter there ever was!

I was not looking for sarcasm. I was looking for an alternative way to do the exercise or an alternative way to hit the lats in a similar way with one arm.

There’s no fucking way you can be using 215 lb dumbbells on the fly exercise. That weight would be extremely impressive for dumbbell benching. And flyes are 3x harder than dumbbell presses at any given weight.

215 for one arm flyes? I can’t really picture that. How do you keep from falling off the bench? And how come you haven’t been on the world’s strongest man shows yet? My advice would be to raise the bench or make longer handles. Still, I don’t really get what you’re talking about. Any way you could post a pic on the web?

Lats? I don’t think you know what exercise you’re talking about. Flyes are a chest exercise. Are you talking about 1-arm dumbell rows? That would make more sense from your statement that 35s would decrease your ROM.

I don’t think he was meaning a flye as he says or an alternative way to hit the lats, could he possibly mean a one arm dumbbell row? I think so!

Why don’t you try doing v…e…r…y slow dumbbell rows or try them with a full oly bar both ideas will tax them differently!

Are you sure you don’t mean one arm dumbell rows?

If you’re trying to work your lats, I think you meant to say one arm dumbbell rows. In that case, use the 35’s and put spacers under the bench feet (45’s or wood blocks) to compensate for the taller dumbbell handle and maintain your ROM.

Rows, yes. Now it makes sense.

maybe he means prone dumbbell flyes. now that would be a feat considering most lifters don’t do much more than 10 lbs. properly.

Sorry guys I typed that in late last night when I woke up to have a mrp shake.

You guys are right.



Well now it makes sense. Use a bunch of small plates instead of a few big ones then.

I don’t have any more room on the dumbbell handle; it only holds four plates and a clamp collar a side. I don’t want to bump up to 35s either. ROM is already cut down by a third anyway by the 25s.

Raise the bench. Sit it on a few plates or cardio steps. You must be smarter than the equipment. :slight_smile:

Dude, just switch to barbell rows.

Put smaller plates (5’s & 10’s) on the inside & bigger ones (like 35’s) in the middle.

There are 2 potential ways for range of motion to be compromised, so I think I understand where he’s coming from. Yes, you can raise the bench to compensate for the bottom portion, but the 35 lb. plate is going to be big enough to hit him in the side, stopping him from pulling it up all the way. I’m thinking barbell bent rows or weighted chins may be next…

No, put smaller plates on the inside, closer to your hand & big ones in the middle. That way the plates won’t hit your arm when lifting them.

Well, you could get longer db handles… Or try heavy chains added to the weights (progressive resistance).