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One Arm Dumbbell Rows Technique

are they supposed to fatigue the lower back too?? they make my lower back so sore…whats the correct way to these without pain?? seen million different ways online.

I think you should find someone experienced(definition:not small) in the gym to help you out. You’re doing something really wrong if your lower back is getting sore.

Once you’ve sorted that out, the dumbbell should be pulled in an arc to hit the lats. It should end up somewhere beside your lower abs.

Try doing it the way Lee Boyce says here and you should feel the correct muscles working.

Like the guys said, no, they’re really not supposed to hit the lower back. So your form is probably off one way or another. If you want to toss up a video, go ahead.

If you’re doing them with the traditional same side knee and hand on a bench, try doing them standing on both feet, but bent and supporting yourself with one hand. Basically this:

My low back used to get sore doing these. I fixed it by doing them standing like Chris pictured but instead of taking a staggered stance I take a stance similar to my squat and brace before picking up the dumbbell.

I like to use the decline bench to set up on. The support hand is higher than the support knee, so I feel pretty stable.

Being on one foot and 1 knee keeps me from rolling or twisting side to side to heave the dumbbell and cheat.

Once I’m wedged in there and set up square, the actual row kind of takes care of itself.

I also wear my belt, which has got to look pretty ridiculous. But my back feels good.

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