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One-Arm Dumbbell Overhead Cleans

Actually I think you are speaking of a one-hand dumbell snatch (over-head)…I’ve tried them a few times…Definitely very challenging. I once saw a 155 lb guy who didn’t even lift weights take a 135 lb barbell and one arm snatch it above his head. Incidentally, he was a gymnast…Do them but be careful and don’t do more then 3 reps per set on these…probably 6 sets of 3 would be sufficient

I would HIGHLY suggest not doing this lift. ITs dangerous. Whats the purpose? Are you entering STRONG MAN comps? Also, telling you to do no more than 3 reps is SILLY. I would suggest a LOWER weight and higher reps if your gonna do them…not 3 REPS at a higher weight (no offense). IVe done these myself up to 205 lbs ( I weigh 296 lbs and compete in power and olympic lifting). ALSO, for fun…Ive done a DUAL single ARM simultaneously CLEAN and JERK…that means…i took 2 … 7 foot bars…and cleaned and jerked them at the same time. You can only do this by crossing the bars over each other (otherwise they hit or collide) and you must use your FASTER arm (usually right side if your right handed) as your accelleration side. IT will be fast enough so as NOT to obstruct the drive of your left arm. Once again…these are dangerous and hard to do. You must have strong wrists (which i do) especially if you continue using 7 foot standard olympic bars. As far as the 150 lbs guy doing that? hard to believe actually. Ive been around the BEST lifters in the world… and 99.99% cant do a ONE arm clean or snatch with 135 lbs.

Ok Rock, the reason I said not to do more then 3 reps is that this is an exercise of skill, not strength. Skill begins to deteriorate rapidly after 3 reps. After 5 reps form breakdown will occur as small muscles like the rhomboids fatigue. As for the guy I know who could do a 1-arm snatch with 135 lbs although he wasn’t a lifter he had been practicing off and on that particular move since the age of 12.

Rock, you are my hero.

One-arm lifts ROCK!

Some other one-armers that rate high on a scale of rock-a-bility:

one-arm deads…you want grip strength and static oblique strength? Oh baby…

side press with oly bar…another great one for grip and the sides of the torso.

one-arm curl with oly bar…I powerlift, so it’s relatively useless for me, but I get a lot of cross looks in the gym, so I do 'em just for shits and grins!

ANY one arm lift ('cept maybe a deadlift) with 135 at 155 BW is simply bad ass.

One-arm lifts are just so good for coordination and core strength. I think it’s strange that so many athlete who’s competition skill is a two-arm lift don’t train with a one-armed version as an assist.

135 at 155…geez!