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One-Arm DB Snatch


I've been wanting to do these for a while. For those of your that do these regularly, what kind of benefits/gains do you see/feel from doing these?

Also, how would add them to a WSFSB program?



I do them as cardio/conditioning work personally, no idea about WSSB


I usually feel much more solid dealing with odd implements after doing these for a while as well as stronger in the shoulder girdle.

Also not sure about WSFSB, I'd say put them wherever they fit you recovery-wise.



Any suggestions for good set rep schemes and suggested weight (ie percentage of my 1RM).



This is typical analysis paralisis.

Feel like doing them? Go ahead them.

How/where to put them? Try the end. Or the beginning. Or hey, be edgy and put it straight in the middle of your workout.

Then just take it from there, if it works keep it.


I like using a barbell because then you get more out of the forearm stability. But I'm a hockey player so it's important for puckhandling. I started with 65 pounds. I'm betting you could fairly easily use more than that for dumbells.


The one arm BB snatches look cooler and are definitely more fun but bumpers aren't optional on them.