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One Arm DB Press



I have been using One Arm DB Press for my activation exercise before close grip bench every 10 days. The other workout is floor press before weighted dips, every 5 days is chest, I rotate exercises. I am getting good results so far - but curious about how to improve my one arm press.

Is it just with more practice and CNS adaptation that I will progress?

Currently I ramp up to a 105lb DB - it looks something like this:

105x1 each arm - left arm lags a bit, I estimate that I could hit 110 or 115 with right arm but I am waiting for left to catch up.

I have hit this in 3 consecutive workouts but it's still a real challenge to stick it so haven't tried the 110 yet with left.

Tips really appreciated! Thanks for your time.



No one has posted so I will. I'll chime in.

Don't worry about progression for your activation work. Let the actually strength stuff, i.e. CG bench/dips/floor press take care of progression, size, and strength. Also, it could be a good idea to instead of a 1 rep ramp, do a 3 rep-ramp on a swiss ball to get those stabilizing muscles firing as well. However, I wouldn't go to a true 3-rep max. The goal of activation is to move fast, not heavy. You don't want to be fatigued before your working sets of the strength work. So you might want to lower the DB weight and just focus on lifting fast fast fast. Plyo push-ups and med ball work is also acceptable (see his football thread/training program, very awesome in terms of set-up).

Thib, feel free to tear my post apart.


Thanks, Andy.

Well - something is going right. Today hit new PR on one arm (dominant), missed it just barely on other. Did this progression:

45x2, 60x2, 75x2, 90x1, 100x1, 110x1 missed left, made right easily. Felt really good today, it's a technique thing that is coming along.
Then hit a great session in close grip bench afterward - CNS felt very alive.

One of these days I will work up to Thib's 150lb DB on this one arm press - of course that will be when I'm hitting a raw 405 close grip bench - then I will be complete...ha ha.


Hey Thibs:

So today hit PR in one arm DB clean/press - 115lb DB each arm. Actually went up without too much of a fight.
Did 50x2, 70x2, 90x1, 105x1, 115x1 each arm.

Should I just continue with weight progression until I plateau and then change up?

Have gone up 15lbs each arm since I started about 10 weeks ago. BB Push press has also gone up accordingly.

Still gunning for your 150lb DB clean/press but that obviously is way off in the future...happy with progress for now.

Appreciate your suggestions.



I'd keep it in until you can get 130 then maybe switch to 1-arm DB snatches for 3-4 weeks before coming back to the clean and press.