One-Arm Barbell Snatch

I’ve been incorporating a single arm barbell snatch movement into my current program and my question is this: What set rep scheme could I use to keep increasing the weight?
My goal is to be able to toss up 135. Currently I can comfortably get 95 with each arm, but to properly incorporate the movement into my workouts I have been going with a 10 x 3 plan (at 65 now.)
Its proving tough to work up the weight because the exercise is so demanding in coordination. Any advice as to how I can push these numbers up would be appreciated.

Hy best gains were to intersperse KB work, and work on acceleration of bar, and shoulder stability (windmills etc).

I took a load of time off and did 100lb,aftef a couple of weeks KB.

could try using heavier DB in plce, then go back to bar.

yeah, I was thinking about doing more dbell work which would allow me to focus less on the stability side of things.