One and Done Short Cycle?

I wanted to hear from the great people of this form and see if I’m being stupid, I’m 17 years old I’m 5’9 135 and I already have gyno but I’ve been at the gym for a decent time and not much a jump , so I wanted to look into Oral Steroids and seen a couple people post about Short Cycles but with repetition but I don’t want to repeat I just want to get a little jump in strength . Last time I test my test it was low for my age and I’m actually just starting puberty so I feel like this might cut my puberty short but I really want to hear what other have to say

What’s a decent time?

You sound like that annoying kid who has no idea what he’s talking about, but doesn’t stop talking.


Wait 10 years… You are 17 and have absolutely no reason to get on gear now. You are gonna fuck yourself up and you run a high chance of having to be on TRT for the rest of your life. Also, if you actually “look into” orals, you’ll learn that a lot need to be ran with test. If you are already low on test, you are setting yourself up to be royally fucked in the long run. And nobody does just one cycle lol. I don’t think you really have any idea what you are doing or trying to get into. I am not against gear at all. I use it. But, I’m also more than 10 years older than you and I have been training for over 10 years. Be smart. You are just setting yourself up to be a big gyno tit, low T, blob. Let your body develop naturally.

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I stopped reading at 5’9 133 lb… did u just start lifting? and now u want to take juice? wtf and you are 17… all these are the perfect prerequisites for a nightmare result


Oral steroids are often crap on the WWW that can be quite harmful to some guys. For those affected, their hormone systems are permanently broken from epigenetic changes in gene expression. We have seen guys with “One and Broken” cycles.

Since you said you stopped reading after 5’ 9" 135lbs I wanted to add that he says he already has gyno, lol

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I would be a little more careful and lighten up on the big words as many and I mean most people on here are not scientists and are just regular guys seeking help or advice. first I would like to clear up the statement about orals on the WWW being crap. not sure what kind of evidence you have to support this. Anadrol is one of the easiest and cheapest orals to buy in its powder form and because of this it’s hardly ever faked. it also happens to be by far one of the most powerful compounds you can use even when compared to injectiables. can it be crap if it’s fake? yes! just like any other injectable… about epigigenetic changes… dude you would scare anyone that wouldn’t care to do their own research. we are all experiencing epigenetic changes as its naturally occurring in our bodies.

as long as they are not fake… no BB can ever argue that orals such as Anadrol are some of the most effective steroids you could ever take.

Sorry, I have seem too many wrecked HPTA’s at the T replacement forum over many years. One guy totally wrecked from a Deca only cycle he got from friend, HPTA restart did not work. Other stories too. Many pro-hormone products have been deliberately misleading about what they really are in naming and formulation. Have seen damage from those as well. I appreciate your statements and perspective, but still, I stand behind my statement as properly worded. “can” “some” “for those affected” Sorry if my attempts to be precise are not understood by all.

I lol’d when he said he is just starting puberty