One and a Half Years of Lifting. Full Body Pictures

Hello guys, recently I was reading these forums a lot. I pretty much like it here so I decided to share my physique with you. I am 21, 175cm/76kilos (in the morning). Still trying to bulk up.
I am lifting seriously and trying to eat right last one year and 7 months±. I love this sport and trying to do my best. Before I started to train I was around 50kilos skinny fat nerd with scoliosis.
I just wanna hear your honest opinion about my physique. I have never uploaded my photos anywhere so I actually have no idea how other people can rate my physique.
Want to hear aswell what you think that are my strong body parts(if any :D) and what I am lacking.
Photos here:

From the back:



I am sorry for my posing/quality I had no one who could take those photo so I had to make them by myself and to be honest I have no fucking idea how to pose :smiley: so I guess my posing is pretty bad also but I hope you can see everything you need.

Hey dude, u look very on track after just and year and a half of lifting. You seem to be proportioned well and it’s great to see a young man who gives his back and legs the same amount of attention as his ‘bro’ muscles.

The only small critique I have is that ur traps could probably come up in size a bit.

Keep up the good work and the slow, clean bulk!

Hi man, wondering what’s your routine looking like? I’m gonna start lifting again tomorrow, push pull? Or low upper? Thanks

Hey guys, I am very happy I got some feedback here. I stopped checking this topic since there was no one comenting. But now if you are interested in my future progress I can keep this updated.
Irishman92 thank you for your opinion, to be honest I have never thought that traps are my weak body part, maybe because I have never checked them properly but now when you said that and I look at them I would say you are pretty much right. Gotta do something about them.
Firstly I was not satisfied with my legs so for last 3 months I’ve been training them 2x per week and now they are actually started to look somehow :D.
About my routine I used to train upper body, lower body,upper body, lower body. So I was training everything 2x per week. But I like to change things a lot and try new stuff. For the last 40 days now I’ve been training in classical splits. It is like chest+shoulders, back+biceps and triceps, legs+abs. Basically I am trying to train every muscle group 2x per week again but in other splits which I change a lot. Going to gym 5-6 days a week now.

Also if you are interested I found some old pics so I can show you how I looked like few years back. I was very young in these pictures I guess 15 in the first one and then18 years old in the second one.

Hey guys I got little update for you if someone is still interested. I tried to lower my carbs a bit just to see what happens. I have never been in huge caloric deficit or something, still trying to bulk up as I said, but eating clean. I actually eat 80grams of carbs less for 2 weeks now and feeling good so lets see what happens.
Here is a picture after my chest+shoulders training

After 2 weeks still in this mini cut, this is actual how it looks like

Feeling leaner but the weight is still the same±

Yesterday I had my huge cheat meal (really big home made hamburger :D) in the evening after quite long time and today I woke up and pretty liked my current condition. Got some photos from today’s posing. If I start thinking about competing do you guys think I could possibly try something let’s say in 1-2 years from now? And what type of competition would suit best for my body type?

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Very good work. I wish you the best!

What kind of back exercises do you do? I want spinal erectors like yours