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One and a Bit Years Training

Hey all. Rate my physique? Been training for 1 and a bit years. Just finished 4 months of dieting for summer. lost 10 kilos (22lb). I’m thinking i’ll try and bulk cleanly throughout summer now. What do you reckon? - any thoughts on weakness in general? (apart from overall lack of mass)

Hairy Wheels, sorry dudes


Front shot while holding camera phone

I wont rate you because,…well I dont really rate people but I will say that you are doing good so far.
overall a lack of mass is really the only thing that jumps out.

you lost 20 pounds that great now its time for a nice long slow bulk.

what are your goals?

Well my aim for dieting was to get a sweet six pack but I really feel like my body has become accustomed to my diet so I think I’ll just be losing muscle from here. 4 months is a long time you know. Goals wise I’m definitely more body building oriented, don’t really care about strength except where it might lead to more effective hypertrophy. Specifically i want to add some muscle to my delts, arms (who doesn’t) and lower abs. Girlfriend complains about chunky legs so I have to try and grow slowly.

Having just read the rules to RMP, I feel a bit bad about this thread. So I’ll quickly run through some stats (apologies for metric when I don’t know conversion):

Height: 6 foot
Weight: 80 kilos
Arms - 36 centimetres

Dead: 140 kilos
Squat: 100 kilos
Bench: 80 kilos

All for reps.

Diet wise, since I’ve been cutting its been low carb, high protein moderate fat. My only carbs have been oats with blueberries in the morning, with 3 meals during the day (usually chicken breast, tuna or kangaroo with brocolli). Dinner is always a lean protein source and veges. I have a protein shake before bed. My only supplement is whey protein (primarily isolates).

Moving to bulking, I don’t want to shock my body, so I was planning on adding one serve of carbs (brown rice, wholemeal bread) once a day for a week, then more the next week and so on until I find a level where I’m gaining a small amount of weight. I plan to stay fairly low carb, it seems to have worked for me. I also think I’ll add some creatine to my supps.

plenty of great info on diet.
yes you will hit a flat loss wall by dieiting.

best thing to do IMO.
and what I am doing is this
now your diet looks solid
take plenty fish oils
good job on the carb timings
just keep the diet the same but eat more or less of it for your calories requirments.

lower your cals for about a month or untill you stop steadly loosing weight.

up your cals steadly and hold them again untill you stop gaining weight.
lower the cals again.you keep doin this and you will ahve a rollercoaster effect you will gain and loose but what will happen is you will loose fat and then gain weight back in the form of muscle which will make loseing fat eaiser next time.

also lift heavy look into a 5x5 program to build muscle and loose fat and they are simple programs.

again good job so far.

conversions are easy BTW
1 kilo= 2.2 pounds so that makes 140 kilos 308 pounds which is decent for your weight

keep at it

Truthfully I think you look pretty good but I feel you should worry less about the low carb diets and eat like a man. Who cares if you lose a bit of the six pack while you’re doing it. You can get it back later after you bulk for a while. Just my 2 cents though.

I think you look pretty scrawny.
Chest and arms look like any other person I think, a front/back double bi shot would be good if you can.

As for bulking…well if you don’t want to lose your 6 pack, thats entirely your choice, but if you bulk properly and not let that bother you, you will see more gains in less time.

I believe hanging leg raises are good for lower abs, or probably any sort of leg raise.

You look like an endurance athlete… and that’s a generous statement. I think you made a mistake going from 190lbs to 170lbs at 6’ tall. Time to eat. Work your way up to 6 meals a day and double the amount of food in 3 of them right off the bat. Keep track of the results and make adjustments accordingly.


[quote]alexmac wrote:
kangaroo with brocolli[/quote]

hey bro, kangaroo is ace. More protein and less fat per serve than fillet steak. Tasty too.

Good quad development in that last pic…wait! which one is you?

[quote]alexmac wrote:
hey bro, kangaroo is ace. More protein and less fat per serve than fillet steak. Tasty too.[/quote]

On the left. All those tail raises are paying off.

Kangaroo sausages are awesome

pretty solid, arms are your biggest weak point. Little bit of upper pecs wouldn’t hurt also.

You have made some good progress bro! id say you need alot more mass on ya delts and arms for a more balanced look though, nice progress!

You have a secret life too?

u need to eat, lack of mass