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Once You Go Black...


Sarah Palin...:wink:


Saw that coming from a mile away.


I call your silly "alleged" 23 yo affair and raise you a 3 yo cocaine fueled homosexual "suck and fuck" with the Commander and Chief.



Obviously fake.

Crack AND gay sex !?!

Not if you are a Democrat, it takes a real man to pull that of.


Sarah Palin is a fucking freak, you can see it in her eyes. Get that woman alone and she will purr all night long, I bet everything I own on it.


She is totally bangable which is why she will never be taken seriously.


Come now, it's Obama, not Ted Haggard.


I like how four ministers "helped him to embrace his heterosexual side".

I never needed to do that, it kind of grabbed me.


I have a friend that went to College with her in Hawaii , they told me that he and the whole football team gang banged Sara :slightly_smiling:






HAHAHAHAHA! Bullshit artistry of note!


She is 100% Bangable. But hahahah noooo that's not why she will never be take seriously.


Wouldn't really surprise me if its true, but the source is unreliable. Mcginniss hasn't really managed to hide the fact that hes out to get Palin, and has no real proof of the affair other than Rice confirming it,people were coming out of the woodwork claiming to be her daughters kids father in order to embarrass the palins. In other words pics or it didn't happen.