Once Vs Twice Weekly Injections

Most guys seem to feel better on twice weekly injections vs once weekly. I seem to feel better on once weekly. Anyone else out there who feels better on a once a week protocol? I notice more effects from the testosterone on once weekly shots. Thanks

I did once every 2 weeks big 400mg(Dr prescribed that. Horrible. Then I did 100mg a week for 1 week and noticed my skin would get oily at first and by end of week I felt drained. Been on 50mg every 3 days now for 2 weeks and i finally feel no up or downs. Even a small 50mg twice a week with a 1/2 Anastrozole pill each injections i am around 1,100 T and 30 e2, so thing even small doses are way to go for me.

Smaller dose less aromatose , so twice weekly better. Less highs and lows

I have done it both way, or sometimes forget to take a bi-weekly dose. I don’t notice much difference at all. I take a pretty small T dose though 80-100mg wk. I seem to have better wood on weekly dose for some reason. I’ve deducted from my own experimentation, that some swinging hormone levels is good for you. Supposedly that’s what happens in your body naturally anyway. I think the problem comes in when you start stretch out the dosing to 2 weeks or more, and take larger doses of like 400mg. That would cause an awful lot of swing over a few weeks.

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i started (5 weeks ago) on 400 every 2 weeks and it has worked great so I’m sure results vary

im no doctor obviously, but that seems on the high side, and with no A.I. , i would check into getting your bloodwork done soon to see how you are reacting to the T, and your e2 levels. Talk to your doctor about once a week injections if you start feeling side effects, which seem inevitable in the future with your current dosing schedule. Not trying to cause you to be concerned, but the more you learn about trt, the better. This is the right place for that. Do yourself a favor, and read as much as you can in this forum. It is a goldmine of information on all things trt.

I just sent long email and said it didn’t go through lol …what kind of side effects should I look for?? I’ve only been on TRT for 6 weeks and it was initially only 400 to start then 200 bi weekly but I only got one 200 shot as my dr said since I’m big guy the 400 may work better for me 6’2 290lbs …300lb on doctors scale…

Thanks for the info… I’m new to it and only been on for 6 weeks… initially it was 400 to start then 200 every 2 weeks but I only got 1 200 shot as the dr said since I’m a big guy (6’2 290lbs) the 400 may work better… I do feel though it seems to wear off during week 2 though so was thinking about asking for 200 every week instead?? What side effects should I look for except the man boobs?? I have had a pain in my neck for a few days now… could that be related??