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once upon a time.....

On a Friday night not too long ago, Jesse aka Jaytruly miraculously performed a glute ham raise. I was there to witness the inspiring moment and congratulate my fellow lifter.

However, from deep within, hatred and resentment began to boil. I had been training just as long and as hard under the west-side protocol. How is it that this tubby can pull off a ghr before me?

Well, last Friday night was my night of reckoning. After breaking a pr on the deadlift, I proceeded to the ghr machine Jesse so cleverly set up. I locked my ankles in, held my breath and started the descent. The only thing different, was that instead of being pasted to the bench, I actually managed to pull myself back up!

Now, granted my trunk was slightly flexed, but I wasn’t able to come back up before.

Anyways, I did one more and failed on the rest.

I’d like to thank Jesse for his support and motivation for the past 3 months. Couldn’t have done it without you man. And no, I’m not going to hug you.

All I have to say now is,
Adam Archu-who?

You da man!

thanks patricia…

i hope to actually finish a set of 8.

then it’ll be time to add some weight.

man, i’m so psyched up from being able to do one.

it gives me that feeling I had when I was able to do a pullup. ah, fond memories of being weak…

I’ll bite.

what the heck is a GHR?

glute ham raise… one of the hardest bodyweight exercises that I know of.

do a search on that.

the best knee flexion exercise there is.