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Once Upon a Time in Weightlifting Land


Let me tell you what bodybuilding used to be:

1) commaraderie

2) helping a guy out even if you didn't know him. Offerring a "spot" and feeling you were part of a brotherhood of iron.

3) Respect- (for others and your gym.)

4) Bustin' at the seams when the newest issue of Joe Weider's Muscle Builder and Power Mag. came out or Perry Raider's Iron Man mag. went on sale.

5)When you could afford a can of MLO Protein Powder and you and your buddies crammed in a car to get to the nearest health food store that sold it.

6)Obtaining that t-shirt that read "300 Club"

7) Years of hard training before you'd even consider your first dose of "the gear."

8)Garage Training..........yeah....honest to goodness garage training. Slabs of iron. Sweltering in the summer and layers of sweatshirts in the winter.

9)6 packs of Bud on ice after your powerlifting routine or sharing a doob in the parking lot with your lifitng buddies (many new police recruit's.)

10) re-runs of Pumping Iron.

Somwhere along the way it gave way to know-it-all's, Bally's, scam artist's, mega-dosing freaks who can't squat 300 lbs., spoiled brats that never heard of gym etiquette, I-Pod wearing little freaks that lounge on machines instead of training on them, and poser's who swear they never had a bad training day, stay at 6% bodyfat year round, swear they're on on a "little test.", and couldn't care less about the poor the sick or the elderly. Most are the sleep until 12:00 noon crowd. Lift, dose up, flame your fellow brother and then sleep a little more.

Meanwhile in your little world that's this big (1 inch,) guys like Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are laughing their asses off on thier way to the bank. BE NICE.


ok, so then what happened, was it a meteor? cause scientists said it was a meteor.


That's why I gave up my gym membership, bought a squat rack, bench, and 600 lbs of weight and lift in my basement. Training at the gym just wasn't fun anymore.


you know whats funny?

i lift at a Ballys and i see tons of people i know there usually when i walk in i start giving head nods to everyone, maybe take off my headphones and say something if its someone i actually know and then i may talk inbetween sets depending. when im not there i might have someone FROM there come up to me and say oh, hey dont you lift at that Ballys?

i actually really like the people who lift at the gym. i dont like the management and i dont like that their DB's only go to 100 pounds or that theres no place to do legit rackpulls.


I think ProfX made this guy mad in another thread and he's not over it yet. Give it time... the sting will go away.


I love lifting in my old high schools weight room. Old rusty barbells and plates, the smell of STALE sweat. Just dusty and grimy enough to know you've stepped out of the world of normal people, but not too bad your disgusted. Oh and Olympic lifts! Got to love the fact noone cares if you drop weight. Multiple squat cages, a real GHR, and well I can't think of anything else, but that's enough for me.


Agreed. I feel like the the fight against the iron together turned into the fight against each other. However, there are many people who still respect others and lift together, so it isn't completely gone. Lifting in the Olympic section of my gym, which is were I always am now, is completely different from the other area with all the fancy machines and such. Basically, the sport/lifestyle changed but the essence of it has definitely not disappeared.


ProfX could never rattle me. Been down to many roads to have that happen. Koo koo ka choo.


This reads like the beginning of AA's 'Brotherhood of Iron' thread.


Fucking hilarious.


What the fuck do Tiger Woods and Phil "Bitch Tits" Mickelson have to do with anything?

Once upon a time you were an idiot. You've just graduated to moron.


I do vaguely remember the op threatening to beat up a certain other member via his grand Krav Maga skills and calling yet another certain member on here "little hitler". Among other things. (though that last post has now been removed, it seems)

What comes after moron?


I would never threaten a soul you mental midget. Time for you to get back to you 215 bench press and record setting 350 lb. squat. Go join your friend Hans for a bike ride across the lavender countryside. I wouldn't threaten any of these good men.....they most likely run from a fight and have never had their nose bloodied. I know I know the needle makes ya brave. Newtons Law you toad.


wow so this went from bodybuilding to here