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Once Per Week Injection or Twice Per Week Injection

I just got bloodwork done and my doctor is takeing me down from 250mg per week to 150mg per week becuase my T levels jumped up to the 3000 range.

My doctor is leaving it up to me to decide if I want to inject .75 twice per week or 150mg once per week. I’ve always done twice per week but with lowering the dose i’m wondering which method is best.

Anybody that can speak from experiance?

I would recommended twice per week if you were doing well up to this point. Your trough levels will be higher on the twice weekly protocol versus the once weekly protocol.

As far as experience between one or two injections a week, it’s going to vary between individuals. Some experience a low or crash at the end of the week injecting once weekly, some don’t. I feel a crash injecting twice weekly (on day 3), so daily and EOD is the only thing that will do for me.

Thank you for your resposnse

what did you mean by this statement. so daily and EOD is the only thing that will do for me.

Were you at 3000 three and a half days post injection? At trough? Seems high following a 125mg dose.

I don’t think there is a “best” method in general, best is whatever works you individually.

Probably 90% of the men on TRT inject once weeky if using TRT practices or using underground sourcing and self dosing. If using PCPs, urologists or endocrinologists, most of them are twice monthly. Most participants here inject much more frequently.

You could go to once a week, but then you’re going from 125mg injections, twice to 150mg once, and you may not like the way you feel by the end of the week. No harm in trying it, you can always move back to twice weekly very easily if you don’t like once, just a matter of if you can feel the difference from the higher level to lower vs the more mid range levels obtained with twice weekly injections.

Yes I was at 3000 on the third day. I thought it seemed high too.

I was at 590 on a higher dose of 200 per week. But that was underground stuff so I cant really go by that.

Agreed, I would expect to see 800-1200 one week following a 200mg injection.

That’s was my attempt to show you how everyone’s response to TRT is so difference regarding the injection frequency. That’s why I said if twice weekly was showing good results, don’t change it.

@moonlightsurf you may find this video I did useful given your question:


Generally twice per week is better and if it has worked for you - just continue that schedule