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Once a Fortnight Enough


Is once a fortnight enough to progress with a movement if you fill in with similar movements?

I train twice a week to fit in with my sprint training. I want to high pulls, pull downs, shoulder press and bent over rows each on seperate days. This means each movement only gest performed once a fortnight but the same muscle are getting performed atleast once a week by other movements. I know neurally the movements are not gonna reach their potential but will the muscles be stimulated enough to grow well.

Forget linking this to sprinting, I have my own reason for choosing these exercises.



If I got this right, you want to go something like this:

Week 1
Monday - high pulls
Thursday - pulldowns

Week 2
Monday - shoulder press
Thursday - bb rows

Week 3
repeat week 1

Why so little?

And, these movements are very different. You could try something like Back Squats one week then Front Squats the other, and expect it to work; but, pulldowns and rows, for instance, are movements in different planes and with different mechanics.

You could easily fit all these movements in one week, and if your work capacity is low, or you're tired from sprinting, do just a few sets of each. Something like 2x5 or 3x3. Additionaly, you can do all the movements on both days, but make one of the days heavy (like 3x5) and one light (2-3x10 or 5x5 @65-70%). Or some combination, like:

high pulls heavy
pulldowns heavy
shoulder press light
bb rows light

shoulder press heavy
bb rows heavy
high pulls light
pulldowns light

Also, why no squats?


Cheers for the reply.

I feel that once a week is enough for such muscle groups in sprinting ie. high pulls use same muslces as shoulder press and bent over rows use same as pulls downs, generally anyway.

This is only my post shoulder and upper back workout. I also do bench, squats, deads, GMs, back hypers etc.