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ON Whey


I noticed that a lot of people here use ON whey and I was wondering why you preferred it. Mixes easier? Taste?

I've only used Grow! and GNC-brand whey. Both seem to mix alright and both of them taste okay imo. Anyway, I was just curious why it is that a lot of people go with Optimum Nutrition.


it's cheaper than Grow! that's the only reason. Taste is ok, not bad, but no where near as good as Metabolic Drive


ON is much better than GNC stuff in both aspects you've listed. Chocolate Malt is a very good flavor. I've never used Grow! before but I assume it's just as good or better than ON based on Biotest's track record.


In Australia it's the best tasting and most cost effective protein I've found... I've tried 6 odd brands and if they taste better they're generally WAY more expensive (BSN ...) or if they're around the same price they taste and mix WAY worse.

It's probably like anything, other brands may be 5% better for 25% more cost... other stuff may be 25% worse for 5% cheaper...

I used their Casein and Whey and while some flavours haven't hit home for me (strawberry was gross) I've tried choc, choc mint, vanilla, banana, rocky road and liked them all.


Thanks for the info, guys.


Are you really reviewing the most used protein powder?

ON Whey by definition isn't even a competitor of Metabolic Drive. Metabolic Drive is delicious, but a blend of different proteins. Grow! natural flavor goes with anything and is awesome.

I buy Grow! because it comes with free informative articles and forums.


Is manufactured by said company, just like Grow! is manufactured by said company. Cuts out middlemen, you get the cheapest prices. Many different flavors that actually taste good (chocolate, strawberry my favs), mixes great and it doesn't make me fart every 5 minutes like some protein powders. 2 thumbs from Carlitos.


ON's Gold Standard Natural is my choice of whey. Excellent price point when you buy from Amazon and subscribe to automatic delivery, goes into solution easily and tasty as well.

I have no need to look elsewhere...for now.


ON's gold standard first ingredient is whey protein isolate and much of that is hydrolyzed. Grow!'s first and only ingredient is whey concentrate, a lesser quality of protein. therefore i choose ON.


Depending on what you are using it for, a protein blend could be much more effective.

There was a study conducted at Baylor University where one group of individuals was given a whey-only PWO shake and the other group was given a whey/casein blend. The group with the protein blend gained an additional 5 lbs of lean mass over a 10 week period. This is most likely due to the different digestion rates of the protein which give a time-released effect.

There are plenty of options out there in terms of protein blends; in fact Optimum even makes one - although I would probably go with another brand. The GNC brand is another one that I would not choose if other options are available.

In terms of flavor, if you do decide to try Optimum Whey then I would suggest the Rocky Road flavor.


ON tastes good, has better then average protein amounts. And most importantly doesn't give me ass blasting gas.


I also have used ON.

Honestly though, I'm not too picky about taste. I wait till a deal comes through and pick up 15-30 pounds at a time. Usually I can get 5 lbs for $28 shipped, no tax.


I honestly think it's just because ON can be found slightly cheaper, cause it doesn't taste anywhere near as good as Grow! to me.

I've returned the last couple bottles of ON I bought to Vitamin Shoppe because it was plain nasty.