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On Week 6 of Test E Only Cycle

Hey Guys,

24yrs old
bf: ~10%
weight 185lbs

I’m currently on week 6 of my Test E cycle. I’ve been running 250mg of test e twice a week, and taking armidex .5 EOD cause i was getting sensitive nipples.

Once I hit week 4 I was up 10lbs, I felt amazing! Now i’m on week 6, same dose and I’m losing some gains, and don’t feel as good as I did before. Maybe it’s all in my head

My diet is in check I’m eating roughly around 3000+cals 350g protein/ 200carbs… very clean. I’m training hard 5times a week.

I was thinking maybe of upping my dose to 750mg a week 3 shots a week. Or should I just stay on 500mg until I finish my cycle and next one maybe up the dose?


Calories seem low to me but what do i know. I know that right now i need 3500-4000 to maintain or slighly gain and i am 23 6ft 190ish depending on the day. I am at 280-330g pro 425-600g carb and fat where it falls normally 60-70g. If i was cycle i would be increasing this to take better advantage of the increased nutrient partioniong and protein synthesis. So most likely i would just increase pro. But i maybe that is wrong vets please correct me if any info in there was dumb.

I’ll probably just remain on course with this cycle and try get more clean cals in me

So you got up to 195, but are now below 195 some weeks later? Is that what you mean by ‘lose some gains’?

Is this your first cycle? Are you sure it wasnt water retention because you certainly didnt gain 10 pounds of muscle tissue in 4 weeks.

No Im now 185, I should probably think before I post, there’s so many factors that take place, mainly probably in my head since this is my first cycle. I’ll just get more cals into me. I know it wouldn’t be 10lbs of muscle, I was probably just losing some water when I upd my armidex dose!