On TRT with Synthroid What's Going On?

I feel terrible been trying to manage my trt and synthroid with the help of my dr who isnt well versed in TRT. Here are my last couple labs starting with earliest I was taking 90 mg of test cyp 2 times a week with 50mcg of synthroid every day my last lab im taking 60mg of test cyp twice weekly and 125mcg of synthroid a day. I still feel terrible, sluggish, unmotivated etc. Any advice?

Are you taking 60mg Test C daily?

Sorry meant to write twice a week on that too, not sure how youd think if i took 60mg daily my testosterone labs would be half lol

Am I supposed to believe something other than what you write?

You’re trying to dial in two compounds at the same time, which makes things tricky. Did you feel better on the higher dose of T?

You also have low SHBG meaning more frequent injections could be warranted (I have SHBG of like 10, which is under range, so I pin daily. Doc said not to space shots out any more than EOD).

No comments about Synthroid, not in my wheelhouse.

More of questions.

  • Why are you taking T4?
  • Did your provider explain this or provide context?
  • Why are you taking exogenous testosterone?
  • Baseline labs?

Thats fair, I do feel better on higher dose maybe my issue is not injecting frequently enough?

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It could be, but this really is person dependent. I would try splitting your dose up and seeing how you feel with either EOD or daily pinning. Some people say ED pinning is overkill and they may be right, I’m not sure. I know I feel pretty good on ED pinning but I’m still in the honeymoon phase and haven’t tried anything but daily injections.

Frequent dosing also creates more frequent spikes in T and for some is needed and what your body responds to rather than just the level itself.

I’m on Jatenzo (oral T gel capsules) and get a spike every 12 hours and varying levels (981 peak @2hrs/289 @12hrs) throughout the day.

See if your insurance pays for Jatenzo, recommended starting doses are 237mg twice daily and reaches steady states at 7 days.

A new oral testosterone undecanoate therapy comes of age for the treatment of hypogonadal men

This is the problem, your dosage is too high. You may need EOD or daily injections, small doses though. To give you an idea, 20-25mg EOD, 10-15mg daily.

This is well above what we produce daily naturally, which is about 5-7mg. Your thyroid protocol isn’t nearly as bad as your TRT protocol.

You had sufficient Free T3 on two occasions.

A word of advice, if you make changes to your TRT and thyroid protocol at the same time, you won’t know which cause a positive or negative result and you’ll be lost. You need to give each change at least 6 weeks before messing around with the other.

IDK if I agree with the term “spikes”

I’d say ‘spike’ is the right term for E7D and perhaps E3.5D, but ED injections is damn near flat.

Just my opinion; most don’t need ED pinning.


I was able to achieve about the same levels on
20mg EOD and 7mg daily, right in the 400-450 range, the only difference was E2, that is 49 pg/mL versus 28 pg/mL.

A spike is a spike no matter how small, I could feel each build-up to a spike on a daily protocol.

The every 3.5 day protocol was a roller-coaster for me.

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Every person is different, glad you figured your protocol out - sounds like it was quite the headache until that point!

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The longer the ester, the worse the outcome. I don’t feel these bigger swings on Jetanzo, considering my levels are peaking high and going lower, but more quickly and I think this is the reason why I don’t feel it.

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