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On TRT with Insomnia


I was on test 200mg every 2 weeks. Labs showed test at 375ng/dl (test 7 days after inject). Doc upped dose to 300mg eow. Now I have a hard time getting sleep and sleep quality is poor. Should I try a diff test like enanthate or whatever. I'm on cypionate now. Would getting the doc to allow more frequent smaller doses help?


I already answered this in a previous post in another forum LOL
here are the possible scenerios
1. not getting deep enough
2. its all converting to e2 or dht
3. hyper excreter
4. Stuff is compunded and not pharmacutical grade
5. shbg is super low.

Suggestions for you shoot 200 mgs then test 4 days later you should be >650 if you are lower then you are chewing it up quickly and hyper excretor then you need more dosage more frequently may be Bi weekly or EOD with HCG to keep you stable. I would look at thyrioid and adrenal cortisol levels as if these are out of balance your body may use testosterone to repair. If you had a cold or stressful event or some other hidden stressor your body metabolism of testosterone may be accelerated.


Not getting deep enough?

Why would any of this cause sleep issues? I didn't have any sleep problems before trt when my t was 125ng/dl. Sorry Im just not getting it. Elevated e2 would cause sleep issues?


My e2 spike I have insomnia.
I took too much hcg on time by accident I missed it up wrong and I was up constantly up all night and also had severe anxiety.


Ok. I bet it probably is high e2. I noticed nips getting hard a lot. I bought some liquidex online should I start trying some or should I get e2 levels checked first. What is the quest lab called? Is it the ultra sensitive or sensitive or just regular ol' estrogen?


That is the biggest mistake. When you are on a rollercoaster ride like this dosing liquidex is going to be almost impossible because of the huge swings in estrodial. I can not emphasize that I have many research companies and patients have tried them as well.

They had all readings all over the place which notified me that the batches are not equal and playing russian roulette. Some people think it is high and it turns out low. Get proper test done to confirm this which will be elaborated on Ksman Post of test.

4021 from quest
or lab corp sensitive 3-70 not 8.7-42. I have seen too many inconsistancy from the later.


Injecting every two weeks is totally stupid. You need to self inject twice a week or EOD.

Read the stickies. After you have read the stickies then ask questions. Understand what T+AI+hCG is.


I have read the stickies. Thanks. It is very hard to find a doctor who will follow those methods. If I can convince the doc to let me self inject the I will def follow the eod or twice a week protocol. I've been to 3 docs and they all want to put you on androgel or give you a shot once a month. This doc I have now has been pretty open minded so far so I hope he will let me do it at home. Heck my wife is an ER nurse so he knows she could do it! KSman do you live in kansas? I'm in Lawrence. Perhaps you know a good doc in the area? Thanks for all the help!

I'm going to speak to the doc on monday and do labs for lipids. Since I hope to change my protocol I will not test for T at this time. Would it be wise to go ahead and test for E2? What about shbg?


If you have good insurance there is a Dr that I know that specializes in this field that would be able to accomdate you and finally get you properly tuned up and your insurance my cover office visit. Pm me for detail

I have seen many patients come in this rollercoaster ride then adjusting the dosage adding in HCG and monitoring other hormones out of balance with in a short amount of time.

I had one person ono 400 mgs every 4 weeks. Since he was going away and could not get back dr gave him a 400 mgs shot 2 weeks after the last one just for good measure. This guy was a very high ranking businessmen that almost had to quite his job because he could not handle the rollercoaster ride phyically or mentally. Once leveled out 6 weeks dropped 25 lbs and loving life. !!