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On TRT, What Supplements Do You Take Daily?

Hi everyone,

Currently one month into my protocol right now.

Current dose: 200mg a week injected twice weekly
Adex: .25mg a week twice weekly. (I noticed extreme itchy nips and really bad anxiety going without the AI for the first 3 weeks. And weaker wood. Since adding the AI to .5mg weekly I seem to feel a lot better)

So far things have been going really well! Appetite is way up, weight is up 5lbs, and I feel so much healthier and better. Feels like the clouds have been dissolved in my brain. And has given me the motivation to finally get my act together and start to take charge in making a career shift.

As for side effects nothing to really note right now. Except I seem to start growing a few whiskers on my chest lol.

I did want to ask though. What supplements on a day to day basis do you guys take for overall health?
Currently I’m using
Vitamin D3: 5000IU
5% nutrition liver and organ defender: 9 caps daily
Magnesium oxide (before bed): 500mg
And digestive enzymes and breakfast and dinner
Krill oil: 1000mg daily

I’ve heard really good things about curcumin on this website. Do any of you guys take it and is it worth it? Any other supps worth exploring?


I take Vitamin D2, because D3 makes me feel like I got hit by a truck and I’m not getting enough sun right now.
I take Calcium because I am hypo-calcemic if I don’t, which is a medical condition that I’m sure you don’t have.
So far, everything has been a waste of money.

First off get off the AI, you dont need it. You are 4 weeks in and your body doesn’t even know what the fuck is up yet. But I digress…

1g cod liver oil
10,000 iu D3
100 mcg vitamin k-2
1,000 mcg B12 sublingual
Multi (even though prob useless)
1,200 mg Magnesium Glycinate (at night)

Thanks for the insight. What’s the difference between that and magnesium oxide?

I’ll have to pick up some curcumin.

As for the AI, so far I feel good on it. When I wasn’t taking it I noticed panic attacks for no reason and anxiety. Ideally I would like to dial in my protocol to no have it. But I would like to see blood work first. I don’t want to change anything if I’m pretty good now just yet

Vitamin D3 50,000 iu 1x per week
dim 300mg daily
boron 5mg daily
grape seed extract 500mg daily
vitamin c 250mg daily
zinc chelate 30mg daily
fish oil 1000mg daily
magnesium 500mg daily
indole-3-carbinol 200mg daily
tadalafil 6mg daily
injectible l carnitine 1000mg daily

Glycinate doesn’t trigger fecal evacuation.