On TRT, Want to Do a Blast & Cruise Cycle

Hello everyone,

I’m on trt, my dr prescribed 120mg/week. I would like to do a blast and cruise cycle.

I have an appointment with the hospital every three months to do blood work to monitor my progress, is there any steroid that will not register with regular hospital blood work, is there even such a thing? or do all steroids ultimately lead to higher test levels?

My apologies if this has been answered I couldn’t find it

You could use test prop. It would build up quicker and clear quicker giving you enough time for gainzzz and enough for it to clear for blood work. Just start the day you give blood (after of course). You’d have to use steroid plotter maybe to see how close you could get before dropping it.

Edit: plenty of orals out there too. None of which you’d ever want to run for 3 months so plenty of time to get them in and out of your system.


6-8 weeks of an oral would be my go to if I had to do frequent lab work. Quick in and out, but obviously won’t have the huge gains of a longer blast. But then you just do more of them

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I would use Test P or A, and orals. Run it for 8 weeks, leaving 4 to return to normal for labs. I would start just increasing your Test using the Prop or Ace.

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How hard did you look?

None of them register (assuming you’re getting the right test). But they’re like the wind: you can’t see it but you can see its effects. So a drug won’t show up but it may obliterate your lipids, which could raise a few questions.

Only testosterone does that. Nandrolone will show up as testosterone if your blood work is performed with the ELICA assay and not the LC/MS-MS (which is what you should be getting anyway).


Assuming you know when the appointments are, you could blast whatever you want and just get off 4 half lives before the labs. As others have said, obviously orals and short-Ester oils would afford you the longest cycle before you have to come off for labs.

Ironyuppie makes a great point, too. Some drugs show up as test on ECLIA. Do you know what method your lab will use?

Also, do you know what your SHBG is? If it’s low, you can even get away with blasting test pretty high and coming off 5 days before labs.
For reference, my SHBG stays around 16-20. I was recently on a run of 400mg/wk test when one of my doctors randomly called up out of the blue and asked for labs. I took 5 days off and my total test came back 900s. Honest to god truth. And I’m not just a one-off in that scenario. I got the idea from the girl at my clinic who hooks me up with stuff. I told her about the surprise labs and asked her what I should do. She said she’s seen hundreds of men’s labs and those with high SHBG need about 10 days off test Cyp to get back in range and those with low SHBG need about 5. I only mention this in case you have trouble getting your hands on shorter esters.


My SHBG is usually hanging at 20-22, so I gotta remember this trick if my clinic pulls a surprise test


I’m only looking for injections no orals. As for SHBG it is around 10-12, which means I’m high metaboliser of test

I tried a 400mg per week of cypionate and I stopped two weeks before my tests, my results came back through the roof at over 1600, it happened around a time I was switched from 100mg/ml vials to 200mg/ml vials so I claimed that I must have screwed up and have been accidentally doubling my dose, I don’t think I can do that again

Dude that’s insane. After two half lives, you were at 1600? You were going full send it, intentionally or not.

I was pulling from memory, I just checked the results, my total testosterone was 53.9, the ceiling for the hospital is under 28, and my my free test was 1796 when the ceiling is 636

Fair enough I wasn’t too sure if we were allowed

Nope. Like Prof said, nothing having to do with sources. Also no brand names/labs, pics of gear labels, etc.

Yeah I guess if no sources then anything to do with sources is off the table

Yep. The forum’s for “how”, not “where”.

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Is it out of bounds to mention another forum in which someone could find sources and reviews of those sources?

Forum links, in general and not just steroid-related, are no-go’s.

We want nothing to do with pointing people towards where to get gear. It’s a policy that was actually started by members’ request a bunch of years ago, when Operation Raw Deal was rolling around, and it’s been in place ever since.


I can appreciate and respect the no gear policy, is there away for anyone to message someone directly or to offer a personal email address to take the conversation off the forum

I mean, I really wanna say “no, there isn’t” simply because of how this whole conversation started. There’s no private messaging on the forum. Some members choose to put an e-mail in the About Me section of their profile.

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I understand thank you