On TRT, Want to Blast but Unsure About Adex Dosage

I over respond to Adex so on my current protocol, I take 100mg of Test E per week spit into two 50mg shots, at the time of each shot, i take 1/10 of a 1mg pill (dissolved in 1ml vodka, for easy dosing)

so if I up my test to 300-500mg a week, should i also increase my Adex dosage at the same ratio?
300mg Test e = 3/10 of 1mg adex
500mg test E = half a 1mg Adex and so on?

Also i want to blast for 6 weeks, would upping test E be ideal or should i go for Prop?
To be honest im not liking the idea of ED/EOD shots so id prefer Test e but maybe 6 weeks is too short?
`ill also be using Tbol

Or use it when you actually need it… how bow dah :crazy_face:

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Haha trust me I’ll need it, I get estrogen sides pretty easily unfortunately.
I’m just wondering if there is a correlation between test dose and Adex dose

When you say E2 sides… like what? Low E2 or high?

Whats your blood work like?

Why dont you first try massive doses of DIM? At least its safe, like 600-800mg per day

If you’re new here, then read this. Consider dropping the Adex and using Nolvadex instead.

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Adex dosage is not necessarily linear with the increase in test. If it were me I would blast the 500mg and try 2/10 with each injection but its a personal call. Your dose is so small to begin with and if you really are sensitive to AIs I wouldn’t go crazy.

Thank you, ill look into this

High, bloat and itch nipples usually when on cycle in the past

Currently blood work is spot on, everything’s in range and dialed in.
Test is top of range and estrogen is around 22-26.
Thats on 50mg Test E 2x per week TRT and 1/10th of 1mg adex 2x per week.

Ok thanks, ill keep it as it is and then maybe get blood work when i feel E sides and adjust it based on the numbers

Hey, i’m looking for some advice please about blasting.

Ive done about 4-5 cycles in the past but never combined with TRT, Ive always done a pct and recovered*

I’m currently on TRT at 100mg Test E per week split into two 50mg doses, this puts me very top of the lab range and slightly over range for free T.

I want to blast for 6-7 weeks, but I’m conflicted about what method to use.

Would it be better to just up my current Test E jabs to 250mg per jab so 500mg total per week and then drop back down to 100mg total per week at week 7


Keep the two TRT 50mg test E jabs as they are and use test prop for the blast and do 3 total shots a week? so 125mg prop with my 50mg Test E as shot 1, shot 2 will be 125mg test prop on its own and then shot 3 will be 50mg Test E and 125mg Prop.

I know there are pros and cons to prop vs E but as my blast is short I’m just wondering is Test E too long of an ester for such a short cycle, Id prefer Test E as it means less jabs but I also want the most bang for my buck too

Ill also be taking Tbol 60mg per day for 6 weeks


If you are stuck on a short cycle yes use a shorter ester. That or use the long ester and run it longer. Your choice.

As far as blasting and TRT… if you are just running test and an oral you would increase your test dose during the blast and then revert back to TRT when finished. No PCT.