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On TRT, Too Much Adrenaline

hi at all
on TRT with 25mg T/ED(enanthate)-1.25mg aromasin/E2D(i am over reponder)-Ltyrosine/1g every morning-multi vits and magnesium ED
I feel very good, very fit, a little euphoric but the only problem is the ED.only with my wife. if I masturbate all goes well;but with the woman I feel a little anxiety, my heart beat faster and impossible to fully relax
I have the impression of being overwhelmed by the adrenaline that creates and ED
What do you think, any solutions?
thank you for help Eric

What have you done in response to suggestions in your old thread and what results:

You need to stop making new posts and leaving your history orphaned.

Try stopping L-tyrosine for a while and note changes.

What Rx and OTC drugs are you using? [OTC= over the counter]

Post current lab results.

How much coffee or other sources of caffeine?

Do you have cortisol labs? What time of day do you feel the most adrenaline sensation.

You have trouble falling and staying asleep? You use something to help you sleep?

hi KSman
I opened a new thread because the old one was more read and often without answers
I drink some coffee, just 2 a day, expreso, breakfast and lunch
multi vitamin, acerola morning and PWO
magnesium 150mg morning and evening
I sleep well without drugs, 6-7 hours per night
last labs:
TSH 1.32 0.27-4.2
T3L 3.7 3.1-6.8
T4L 13 12-22
ferritine 685 30-400
vit D3 34 30-100 i take now 1000000ui/2 month
Do i try pregnenolone cream again?
thank you for help

fT3 and fT4 are quite below mid-range
Check and report morning and afternoon body temperatures
Ever feel cold when others are not?
Using iodized salt or sea salt.

Hematocrit is getting where you need to be watching it.
Were you dehydrated for the lab work?

Ferritin is high, you may be retaining to much iron.
Iron in supplements or ‘fortified’ foods?

If you use hCG, you probably do not need pregnenolone. Are DHEA-S levels good?

oddly I never cold, my blood iodine is 3/4 of the standard
blood test is in the morning on an empty stomach, not drinking since 8 hours
I do not use hcg, E2 problems and nervositee
no iron supplements or fortified foods
S DHEA 3.2 1.4-8.9 last year
pregnenolone rise up my cortisol and give me insomnia
thank you to read me Eric

Were you using pregnenolone in the morning or evening?

Please describe your iodine lab work.

no pregnenolone
iode serum total 69.7ug/l 40-100 icp/ms
lab work at 9h30 morning 2 hours after breakfeast

I do not know what the lab data means.

If dietary intake does not include iodine in vitamins, or iodized salt, and fT3 and fT4 are quite below mid-range, you are probably deficient and your lower hormone levels make sense. Where are your waking and mid afternoon body temperatures?


Check and report morning and afternoon body temperatures
Ever feel cold when others are not?
Using iodized salt or sea salt.

Rico dropped the ball!