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On TRT, Starting First Cycle at 36. Test Only or Stack?

Hi folks,
I have been on a low dose of TRT for a few months and said what the heck, let me try a cycle…

Purchased a 10ML vial of Test-Cypionate from an online seller here in South Korea. Obviously there’s the risk it’s fake or underdosed, etc…but I guess I just have to have faith. Are there ways to test the authenticity of these products?

Also purchased Arimidex, and plan on taking a quarter of a mg every other day…thoughts on this dosage?

And people have recommended stacking with Dbol, Equipoise, Deca…

Which do you recommend? Should I just go 250mg of Test/week?

Please help a first time cycler…Thanks!

What’s your TRT dose? You should get a good bit of gains from just running test 300-500mg weekly for 12 weeks. Do not take an AI unless you truly have symptoms of high E2.

Some DBol or Anavar at the end isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But for a first cycle you should get some decent gains from just test. What are your current stats ?

Are you dialed in already? Labs good? Symptoms resolved? Based on my experience with TRT I was making fast gains on this alone for the first 6 months and still making slower gains for a year. I would ride that pony until the finish line before cycling. Plus it gives you more time to make sure you are dialed in and have a ‘set point’ protocol to return to.

As far as your dosage goes, I would like to know what your TRT dose is first as @aaronca mentioned. From your proposed dose you likely don’t need an AI but should have it on hand.

I wouldn’t do Deca first cycle. EQ is pretty mild if you really are feeling the itch to stack but I would be more inclined to run the test solo and finish the last four weeks with the Dbol.


thanks, appreciate the replies

my current TRT dose is/was 250mg Test-E every 3-4 weeks…Feeling that it is too low, I am deciding to self medicate.

Yeah that’s a horrible protocol. Spend some time on the TRT side of the forums. Get dialed in on a 2x weekly pinning protocol. Reap the benefits for awhile and then run your blast.

thanks…two times weekly, so how about 250mg twice/week?

I mean… given you’re current trt protocol gains would be pretty fat on like 200-250mg ONCE weekly

Going from like a cavg of 400ng/dl to 1300 or so (that’s what I’d get on such a dose, others will have a cavg of around 2000-2300)… I appear to require slightly more to reach desired androgen concentrations… anyway, going from 400 to say 1300 or something will give some pretty fat gains… and such a dosage doesn’t entail increasing certain risk factors (when compared to 500mg weekly)

200 wouldn’t be a cycle though, if lipids, BP sand haematological parameters are in check one can theoretically run that long term

200mg/week will have you looking like a completely different human being in 6-12 months especially if you aren’t in amazing shape to start with (plus you will feel way better than your current TRT protocol).

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@geneticoverride My TRT dose is 140mg/wk FWIW and I have high SHBG. I take 2 pins of 70mg each. Granted I now blast two times per year but I generally look like the same just a little less bulky on just the TRT. @dextermorgan nailed it. Start a TRT plan of 150mg-200mg/wk split up into two smaller doses. Run that 6mo-1 year and then reconsider your blast. You will make a ton of gains on a proper TRT regimen.