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On TRT, Stack/Cycle for 10-12 Weeks?


I m 26 years old and when I was younger I took a medicine called Accutane and soon after in life I developed very low T levels, no sex drive etc. I was put on test c at 20 to help witht he test levels, it helped but the sex problems are still there. I am looking for help with stacking this. I take about 150mg per week. I have used ABS when I was not on TRT but was wondering what the protocol is. I was planning to just about my dosage to 500-600mg per week. But when I come off do I still need PCT since there is no reason for my natural test to start back up since I will continue doing TRT just at my regular dosage? If you could give me an example of a stack/cycle for 10-12 weeks would be much appreciated