On TRT, Planning Cycle of Var/Winny

Hey guys I’m 31, I’ve been on TrT for a few years now… steady at 300mg/week feeing great , I was recently prescribed Anavar and winstrol, And was going to run em back to back, im just wondering about dosage and duration of each. I have had experience with aas in the past, used dbol/var,winny, and a few prohormones in my younger years, I know I’ll probably get ranked on for a var/win cycle but I’m only looking to recomp say gain 15lbs of muscle and drop a 3-4 percent of Bf…im not into getting big anymore as the career I’m pursuing require you to have functional strength, endurance and the possibility of extricating yourself from confined spaces. Thanks for any recommendations appreciate you all

If you gain 15 lbs of muscle and drop 3-4% bf you sir should be teaching the class. My guess is if you’re diet is great you may gain a few pounds and lose a little fat.


What are your levels on this protocol? Its far greater than the norm. You’re almost running a full on cycle dose as TRT.

“Prescribed”? Kudos for finding a legal steroids dealer. Just make sure you’re advocating for your health along the way as this isn’t normal.


Thank you for the reply! My diet is awesome, I know what to eat and when to eat it, that allows me to fluctuate weight pretty quickly. I’m trying to see if anyone ran these two compounds together, Curious about dosing/duration

I’m on 75mg/day of Anavar currently along with 350mg T & 150mg Mast Prop. I’d take 75mg/day of the Anavar. I’ve taken 50mg/day Winstrol for 7 weeks and it was rough. Made me feel like my joints were on the verge of snapping especially when doing exercises like chest flyes. The negatives outweighed the positives which were basically just the stretched skin look. I’ll never use it again. I get the same results from 150mg Mast Prop workout any of the negatives plus a few positives like crazy high libido.

Yeah I know it’s super rare… I was really sick with IBD in the past, that swayed his decision in the prescription

Awesome thanks for the insight, I was thinking of upping to 325/350(Which would you recommend) on my cyp/prop mix Var @75mg and Win @30-40mg for 8 weeks maybe shorter depending how I feel/it goes… I’ll taper the test down over the next 3-4 months afterwards and would like to be at regular 250mg tbh

I’m due for blood in the next few weeks, also due to donate some, however my levels were “within” range last I remember (can’t recall number) at 275mg (was on 275 for awhile) another reason for the higher dosage is the IBD past I have, I started TRT when I was deathly ill as an immune regulator

I wouldn’t mix the Var & Winstrol. Do them at separate times if you must but I would just stick to the Var @ 75mg so you aren’t completely miserable for 8 weeks because you’re taking too many drugs.

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