On TRT, Planning a Cutting Cycle

Hey, new here.
I’ve been on TRT ever since September of last year, getting 250mg Testoviron every month (my T-levels were borderline low, so this is all I could get).
Haven’t been taking anything else with it. I wanted to start a cutting cycle with Sustanon 250 once per week (250mg/w total), to keep the gains and stabilize my T-levels so they won’t drop inbetween every shot.
As far as I understood, since I’m on TRT I don’t really need a PCT after that as I’ll be continuing to take those shots every month and my dosage is low. Wanted to hear some opinions.

Isnt 250mg of test once per month a bit small? I take 200mg of Test cyp weekly and from what I know thats a pretty standard dose

As far as cutting goes… Personally I like good old fashion diet and cardio for fat loss maybe a ECA stack to really kick it up. Save your money for juice when it comes to throwing on muscle IMO