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On TRT, Low Progesterone, Low Libido, Thyroid/ Adrenals?


You require an expert in thyroid disorders, nothing less.


Do you know how I might find one? I assume the NHS will be no help and private endos have been useless in the past.


Also, how are my cortisol levels? (Posted above)


Word of mouth will be best, you can find someone in your area on one of these forums. You can use the search option for doctors in your area. Reviews online is also a good idea.

Cortisol looks good.


If you haven’t resolved this yet, you need to take your high E2 seriously. It’s almost twice what it should be. High E2 will cause all of the symptoms you’ve mentioned.


Yes re Wilson and book.

After IR you need to be posting temperatures again.

Cortisol is not shot low, so you are not at that end of adrenal fatigue.

Your high fT3 and lower body temps suggester tT3.

I do not get a good feeling from your questions about how you completed or grasped reading the sticky. So more required there. I know that you have school demands that are in the way. Perhaps these are part of a stress contribution.


Thanks for your response.

I believe you have misread the units. The first test showed E2 was too low and the second showed it was almost perfect. I am now on the same AI protocol that was used during second test and symptoms mostly persist.



Some weeks after IR, temperatures were the same as before. I can post what they were but there is little difference, in fact they seem slightly lower than before.

I am 3 weeks into taking T3 medication at 50mg a day. I decided to do this as seeing an expert isn’t really an option for me currently.

Would you mind pointing out which areas you believe my knowledge lacks in? I thought I had a good understanding of this and have been reading elsewhere but perhaps not. Perhaps that I was too keen to start T3 medication?



My first post, led to here from google search.
Have you been tested for Thyroid Antibodies/ Hashimotos ?
Your symptoms and experience seem similar to Auto Immune Thyroiditis- the antibodies made against the thyroid can leave you with hypo symptoms one day, hyper the next and all sorts of randomness with other numbers. I was treated successfully for hypthyroid for years until this year things went south majorly this year (was in the 500Kg club now cant even lift) and the tests for the Antibodies came back HUGE- just one avenue to rule out.
Thing is 90%+of sufferers are 40+ females so medicine and the net isn’t geared up for weight training guys experiencing it and often puts symptoms down to PED use side effects.
(its largely genetic…any family history of auto immune issues/ hypothyroid?)


Hey mate - curious if your symptoms have abated and if they have, do you know why?