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On TRT Looking at a Blast

Im 46 on trt tcyp 100/wk and looking to do a cycle after the holidays and just starting some research. My goal is to make some lean muscle and strength gains that i can keep. This will be my 4th cycle but first on trt. My previous ones were based on what a local guy could get and my last was a test p/tren A cycle that i got moody as hell with. Im gonna avoid that but was looking at a few others and wanted some opinions. I also have well controlled hypertension and donate blood to keep my hgb down.

I was looking at Tcyp/deca/winstrol(last 4weeks). Someone recommended adding dbol at the start. After reading around some i wasnt sure if i wanted to gonthe deca route with it potentially causing ED issues and gyno.

My trt regimen doesnt include an ai currently but i could add that for the cycle.

Thanks for any help

Did you get any ED issues from the tren you took? Are you sure you want to do this at 46 with hypertension? Can you list your (4) complete prior cycles as that might help someone advise you. I wouldn’t want to comment due to your medical issues.

Why dont you just blast and cruise? Go for 12 weeks at 400-500mgs Test, then just revert back to your TrT dose.

Bp is very well controlled and i donate rbc regularly to keep hgb lower but also cause you should. Im not 100% sold on anything other than Test but was just really wanting to fight againg a little more aggressively than my current status can.

Cycle 1- 31 yo. Test/winstrol
Cycle 2 31 yo test/eq. Bp shot up but went to normal post cycle
Cycle 3 34yo tprop/trenA moody but controlled
Cycle 4 36yo tprop/trenA. Moody and sporadic crazy nonsense. Dropped tren 4 weeks early and finished on test/winstrol

Had ed issues post tren while on pct. not sure if all that contributed to my need for trt a decade later but possibly i guess

That sounds like an easier plan. What do you think antiE and serm should look like at the higher dosing

No scheduled AI. Only keep AI on hand for symptoms starting. You only need Test. Are on you on HcG or anything else with your Trt?

No im not on hcg or anything else. I had to talk my doctor into trt injects. He was pushing pellets. Was a pain in the ass to get what i wanted. I also pretty much monitor myself at an outside lab cause he doesnt look at e2

Thats crazy. Were you using Navy? VA? Private Dr?

I am using VA and my Endo has been amazing. I self inject, everything sent to my door. I only asked about HcG because you hadn’t mentioned anything about wanting kids. I know it is still possible while on TrT but the HcG will help keep the nuts full. I requested my VA doc to check E2 and he had no problem with it. At the time it was a 55. No gyno just bloating with tons of water retention. Ankles looked like balloons. I switched my protocol to 2 shots a week vs just one. That seemed to help keep levels more stable.

Its a private pcp. Im out of the mil now. I currently am prescribed 100mg/wk im. Im doing 50mg sc twice a week. My levels on this have been in the 4-600 range which is a reason im wanting to bump up to 200/week to get in a more optimal range.

Ive got two kids and we aren’t likely having another. Havent made the decision completely yet but i cant see my wife wanting to again.

Ive thought of moving to a dedicated trt doc for better conversations at my visits but im in a small town without alot of options.