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On TRT, Levels Still Low on Test

I have been on testosterone therapy for 4 years no issue’s and feel great. But I was always wondering why my levels were so low when I got tested (230).
I have always worked out since i was 13 and to look at me you would never think my levels would be that low. I started feeling like crap no drive, libido low and depressed. When I was in college playing football back in 1973 we had a team doctor that gave us dianabol and told us it was vitamins. Now you have to understand is didn’t know what steroids were so I figured he was just giving us vitamins. But what I do know now was they weren’t giving them to us the right was pyramiding. We took them for two years on and off. I ask my doctor if this might be the reason my levels were so low and he didn’t think so. I’m wondering what you gentlemen might think.
Thanks David

You have so many past threads, I can’t make sense of those.

What is your protocol?
What is lab timing?
Any you get TT=230 [range?] from that?
Or was that pre TRT.

Yes, gear can trash your hormones.
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